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Second Generation

6. James Lindsey DURHAM4 was born in 1758 in Brunswick County, Virginia.4,5,6 He died on 8 Oct 1833 in Saline County, Illinois.
Information provided by Don McMurray - Rootsweb

BURIAL: Durham Cemetery, Long Branch, Illinois
AGE AT DEATH: 76 years
Carved homestead out of woods, this later became Long Branch, IL.
He is the FIRST to be buried at the DURHAM CEMETERY. The site was chosen by his son Ira.
Information on James Lindsey Durham provided by Captain Durham June 10, 2001

James Lindsey Durham moved to Surry County, NC prior to 1774 (as did his brothers John and Humphrey). James and Humphrey both served in the Surry County militia in the Revolutionary War (pay records). All records indicate that James married the daughter of either Moses Woodruff or Martha Coffey (daughter of James Coffey. As far as the Woodruff line, the family names match and Woodruffs show up later on Durham land, with there being no transaction noted.
James Lindsey Durham Sr. had the following children: 1)Isaac or Abner 2)James Lindsey Jr. married Elizabeth Summers 3)William married Rhoda Sawyers 4)Micajah married Nancy Sawyers 5)Elizabeth married Allen Wheelus 6)Polly married Patrick Ryon 7)Clarissa married Mark (Marcus) Alexander York 8) Winnifred married Waitman Summers.

James Lindsey Durham Sr. is recorded in Surry County NC until February 1812, then he moves to Tennessee. One source states he died in Warren County (Tennessee) between 1820 and 1830. Another source states he died in Saline County, Illinois on October 8, 1833.

James Lindsey Durham, Jr. moved to Warren County, Tennessee where he and his wife Elizabeth a both died and are buried in the Durham-Sanders cemetary there.

Information on James Lindsey Durham provided by Captain Durham June 13, 2001

The tax records clearly point out that James Lindsey Durham, Sr. continues to pay taxes on his land through 1808 and 1812. His son James Lindsey Durham, Jr. is listed separately as paying his taxes through 1808. The tax records are incomplete for 1812 and 1809-1811. The census of 1800 lists four males with James, Sr. and three females not counting his wife.

The 1810 census lists James Durham, Sr. with four males and four females plus his wife. And James, Jr. is listed separate with a wife and daughter. If he is listed in 1810 on the NC census, then he is not living in Tennessee, neither are any of his children, who are all accounted for in the 1810 census. The oldest son, named Abner Durham, witnessed a land transaction of his fathers. James Lindsey Durham, Sr. is listed in the court records until February 1812. In August, 1812, his home is sold. That same month, his son William enlists in the army for the War of 1812. Micajah moves to Hamptonville and begins work there. James, Jr. continues to work his farm and all of the daughters are married by then. Abner may be the same Abner Durham that shows up in the Guilford County area, which is where Micajah moves his family to later.

I assume this was written by Debra Lewis Durham:

Brunswick Co., VA Deed Book 13, page 4: James Lindsey & his wife Mary & James Lindsey Durham of Brunswick Co to Aaron Hawkins of Powhatan Co. 27 Oct 1777 224 Pds VA 224 acres on the west side of Wild Cat Creek, joining the mouth of Tan Vat Branch,
Christopher Haskins. wit: Christopher Haskins, Thomas Jones, William Trotter, Drury Mathis, Stephen Jones, James Quarles. Proved 24 Nov 1777.

Another researcher has interpreted this document to mean that James Lindsey and wife sold a tract of land adjoining that of James Lindsey Durham (inherited from his father George) at the same time James sold his to the same man. This explanation just does not make sense. If there were two tracts owned by two people there should have been two deeds. This document would seem to imply, at first glance, that James Lindsey and James Lindsey Durham jointly owned this land. Then it occured to me that there may be another explanation. That the land belonged to James Lindsey Durham, but he was not of legal age (21), and his guardians were therefor required to be a party to the sale.

Our ancestor James would have been just 20 at the time of this sale. It may also be that, in reality, it was James Lindsey selling his nephew's land as his guardian. Either way, what followed connects the Brunswick James with the Surry James pretty firmly. James Lindsey and family removed to Surry Co., NC. He shows up in census records, tax records and deeds (with wife Mary) in that county at the same time our James Durham begins to show up in records there. That James Lindsey, with wife Mary, and James Durham would cease to appear in Brunswick Co., VA records and begin to appear in Surry Co., NC records at the same time seems beyond mere coincidence.

Together with the evidence of other families associated with both Brunswick, VA and Durhams of the same county migrating to Surry, NC, I am convinced that our James is the same James Lindsey Durham mentioned in the will of George Durham.

It is also worth noting that James Lindsey moved to Spartanburg Co., SC following some legal difficulties involving his sons Caleb and Carlton in Surry Co., NC. In the 1790 census for Spartanburg he is listed on the same page in the same column as John Durham, formerly of Brunswick Co, VA, and Surry Co., NC. John Carlton, father-in-law of John Durham and brother-in-law of James Lindsey, followed them shortly thereafter.

I will be following up the above research results with as much data as I can find on these associated families in the hopes of further establishing a timeline and connection, but I am personally no longer in doubt."
Debrah Lewis Durham 6/25/06
From "newrivernotes.com/nc/surry1790tl"
This confirms a James Durham was here at the time of the two Revolutionary War battles in Surry County.

He was, although daring and rash, a most useful officer. He commanded the left wing of the Americans at the battle of Kings Mountain, October 7, 1780, and was engaged in the battle of Guilford Court House.,P> When Wilkes County was taken from Surry (1777) he was one of the first members elected to the Legislature; and in 1779 was elected to the Senate. He had an impediment in his speech, which prevented any effort at oratory; but he was as brave as he was patriotic. For sometime he was the surveyor of Wilkes County.

DEEDS for James Durham of Surry County, North Carolina
collected by Byron K. Durham from Surry County Courthouse in Dobson, NC.

- 12 OCTOBER 1790
John Braham to James Durham for 200 pounds land adjacent to Benjamin Whelus' place on the South side of Yadkin River
(This deed is witnessed by Joseph Lafewell and Allen Whelus)

- 12 JUNE 1799
James Durham was granted 200 acres @ 50 shillings per 100 acres on the South side of Yadkin River adjacent to Whelus' place

- 21 FEBRUARY 1812
James Durham to Joseph William Junt land located on the South side of Yadkin River next to what used to be Whelus' place, now Joseph William Junt's place, for 50 pounds

- 21 FEBRUARY 1812
James Durham to Joseph William Junt, land located on the South side of Yadkin River next to what used to be Whelus' place, now Joseph William Junt's place, for 100 pounds

This is an e-mail from Byron Durham proposing a total of 11 children for this ancestor.

Hi Milly (Halterman),
I have looked over your information you sent me about James Lindsey Durham, SR., and George Durham's will. I have researched some of the census on Asahel and Ira, and Daniel - couldn't find Nathan, I have researched some of the children that I believe are connected with James Lindsey Durham (SR),that are living in Surry Co. at the time, and I believe that my James Lindsey Durham (SR) and your James Lindsey Durham (SR) are the same person. Here's why.

I have the following children, I believe belong to James Lindsey Durham:

Winnifred Durham - married Waitman Summers March 8, 1811 (died before 1830)
Elizabeth Durham - married Allen Whealess Sept. 15, 1803 (b. ABT. 1780)
James Lindsey Durham, Jr. - married Elizabeth Summers (probably related to
Waitman above) (b. 1873) (We agree on this child)
Clarissa Durham - married Mark York Jan 2, 1810 (b. ABT. 1783)
Polly Durham - married Patrick Ryon Sept 12, 1805
Micajah Durham - married Nancy Sawyers Feb 15, 1819 (Probably sister to
William Durham - married Rhoda Sawyers Oct. 24, 1815 (Probably sister to
Nancy) (b. 1789)

Your list (From Milly Halterman's research):

Nathaniel Durham (b. 1790 in North Carolina)
Daniel Durham (b. 1792 in North Carolina)
Ira Durham (b. June 4, 1794 in North Carolina)
Asahel Durham (b. June 6, 1797 in North Carolina)

When you look at the 1800 and 1810 census, you see that James Lindsey Durham (SR) would have had ELEVEN children. Above there are 11 children listed. The message board conversation you have with a Captain Durham suggested another son Abner - but I found no information on this person. Could this have been Asahel?

When you add in the 4 children of James you listed, and the 7 that I have listed, you have 11 children. The year of birth would seem to support this as well. The problem though is that the census says their are 5 boys and 6 girls. This doesn't match. This could also be a misprint by the census person - maybe they thought Asahel or Ira were girl names?

The one clue that helps me bring this together is this:
In the 1820 census we find James L. Durham, (JR) living with his wife in Warren Co., TN. Asahel is living next to him. When I researched Polly Durham from my list, I found that Polly - married to Patrick Ryon is living in Sumner Co., TN. (Coincidence?)

Now, I told you last time that I wasn't sure if my James was the same James Lindsey Durham, son of George Durham. Well, on the excerpt of the will of George Durham, it mentions Winnifred Holcomb. I searched and found a Philemon married to Winnifred living in Brunswick, VA (Family Tree listing). Well, there is a Philip and Winnifred Holcomb, also living in Surry Co. NC, in the 1850 census. They are too young to be the same Philemon and Winnifred from VA, but maybe Philip is a son. The thing is, they are living next door to the Moses Durham, who I told you about, that I believe is the son of Macajah, son of James Lindsey Durham (SR).

Byron K. Durham (Note from Milly Halterman - 12/17/2009 - I am adding today a web page constructed by Byron Durham which succeeds and revises this information 'www.durhamheritage.com')

James Lindsey DURHAM were married before 1780. James Lindsey DURHAM had the following children:






Elizabeth DURHAM.






James Lindsey DURHAM Jr..



Clarissa "Clary" DURHAM.



Micajah DURHAM.



Winifred "Winney" DURHAM.



William DURHAM.



Daniel DURHAM was born in 1792 in Surry County, North Carolina.7,8 Daniel Durham, age 58, is living in the household of Ira and Marie Durham in the 1850 Census for Saline, Saline County, Illinois. The 1850 Census states that Daniel was "insane". The 1860 Census for Saline County, Illinois shows Daniel at age 67, and listed as "idiot".



Asahel DURHAM.