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Third Generation

27. John Lorenzies "Lorenzo" "Ran" DURHAM was born in Sep 1867 in Kentucky.4,5,11,12,19,24 On Sep 16, 2010, at 8:53 PM, Jim Durham wrote:

You have some errors there. Your #26 should be John Lorenzies Durham, not Lorenzo. He was my grandfather. You don't have my dad as his child, George Quince Durham, born 1902, and dad never spoke of any sister named Burnice. The rest of the children seem correct. Perhaps Burnice died at birth or something?
#84, Richard moved to Cincinnati and became a night watchman.
#81, Sam, died in either New Mexico or Arizona. I used to know, but forgot. I think it was Arizona.
Lee, #85, has a son, Lee Jr, who still lives in Whitley Country. Lee is an MD in general practice.
I have no clue what happened to Bessie and Pearl.
I know Pearl moved into the home of her parents when Grandma died in 1949, but nothing beyond that. I know nothing about Edward or Charles either.
Hope this helps you.

Jim Durham
From: BYRON DURHAM <bdurham@mountainsidemedia.com
Date: September 17, 2010 12:10:14 PM EDT
To: Jim Durham <durham@jcdurham.com
Subject: Re: 3rd Generation Durham page

Hi Jim,
I will correct any errors. This is not my Durham line, but I do want to be as accurate as I can, and I do depend on individuals like yourself, to help me. The census-takers were very bad about spelling names wrong. It is my goal to research as many Durham families to see how they all connect. I needed to do this to try and break a brick wall on my own Durham line.

Your George Quince Durham, b. 1902 is listed with this family in the 1910 Census for Whitley County, KY. The "Burnice Durham", b. 1902 that I have listed from the 1910 Census is actually listed as a "son" and is listed between "Moss Durham" and "Richard Durham". I can see now that it is not "Burnice", but "Quince". The "Q" looks like a "B". I will make the changes.

Can you give me some other info about George Quince Durham: who he married, with dates, and children. If you don't want to supply birthdates, just give me the year. That will be fine. Thanks.

The 1900 Census shows John L. Durham listed as "Ran Durham", b. Sept 1865 married to "Stacy J.", with children Charles, Sam and Ed M. Quince Freedman is living with this family.

The death certificate of Charles William Durham, shows his father as "Lorenzo Durham".

John Lorenzies "Lorenzo" "Ran" DURHAM and Tacey Jane FREEMAN were married about 1891 in Kentucky.11 Tacey Jane FREEMAN (daughter of William FREEMAN and Rachel ALLEN) was born on 14 Feb 1875 in Tennessee.5,10,11,12,19,24 She died Diabetis on 21 Dec 1949 in Whitley County, Kentucky.10 Buried in Wofford Cemetery. Informant listed as "S. E. Durham". John Lorenzies "Lorenzo" "Ran" DURHAM and Tacey Jane FREEMAN had the following children:



Charles William DURHAM.



Samuel Edward "Sam" DURHAM.






George Quince DURHAM was born about 1902 in Kentucky.5,12



Richard L. DURHAM was born about 1905 in Kentucky.5,12,19,24



Lee DURHAM was born about 1908 in Kentucky.5,12,19



Bessie B. DURHAM was born about 1911 in Kentucky.12,19



Pearl DURHAM was born about 1914 in Kentucky.12,19