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Second Generation

12. Jesse Bugg DURHAM was born on 9 Mar 1788 in Mercer County, Kentucky.1 John Durham Bible Jackson co IN
Posted: 10 May 2003 8:10AM by judith2002s

Classification: Bible

Surnames: durham ewing ownes rose cochran bugg

This Bible was the proptery of Col. Jesse Bugg Durham and his wife, Elizabeth Ewing Durham of Vallonia, IN. Upon his death it passed to his unmarried daughter, Elvira Durham. Upon her death it passed to her niece, the only daughter of Catherine Wells Durham. Her name was Sarah Elizabeth Wells Holmes of east hollywood ca. Upon her death it passed to mary w durham, daughter of samuel w durham who was the son of J B Durham. It is her wish that upon her death and that of her sister, Louise durham, that it should pass to wallace durham, baptized samuel wallace durham, son of benjamin j durham who was the grandson of jesse b durham. upon his death it is hoped that it will pass to his daughter and only child, mary louise durham. signed may 22, 1936 by mary w durham

John durham born 10/2/1742 d 5/22/`8`7
Martha bugg b 7/7/1747 d 4/8/1819

---Francis 11/?/1766 8/7/1804
---Rhoda 4/21/1868 3/27/1820
---Mary 7/7/1770 8/?/1808
---Jacob 4/16/1772 12/24/1796
---John 4/16/1774
---Thomas 5/10/1776
---Benjamin 4/5/1778 6/5/1847
---Martha 3/10/1780 10/1/1840
---James 1/16/1782 5/27/1839
---Lucy 3/30/1785
---Jesse Bugg 3/9/ 1788 10/3/1850
---Nancy 3/31/1790
---Samuel 10/11/1793 10/4/1815

Jesse Bugg Durham m. Elizabeth Ewing 3/9/1818
Jessie Durham jr 1/17/1819 8/18/1822
Caroline 12/8/1820 7/8/1822
Rebeccah Ann 7/13/1823 10/8/1823
Martha Elizabeth 8/20/1824 8/15/1827
John Bolavarr 3/2/1826 3/13/1872
Mary Catherine1/23/1828 5/6/1860
Felix Grundy 12/14/1830 11/29/1839
James Madison 3/13/1833 9/8/1850

hannibal durham --- susan hinderlider 6/26/1834
ewing durham --- sarah ewing 1/11/1838
harrison durham --- lucindy owens 1/16/1838
harrison durham --- malvina rose 12/22/1842
harrison durham --- elizabeth cochran 3/24/1856
samuel w durham --- ell c malott/walott 12/12/1843
mary catherine durham --- samuel b wells 6/7/1849

Gail Well homes son of jb and se holmes b 1/27/1877
lucindy owens durham d 8/9/1842

children of mary catherine wells
carolline b 1/28/1851,
sarah elizabeth b 10/19/1853 (sarah elizabeth d in east hollywood ca 2/13/1934 leaving one son, gail wells)

Jesse Bugg DURHAM and Elizabeth EWING were married on 9 Mar 1810 in Perryville, Boyle County, Kentucky.1 Elizabeth EWING was born on 11 Feb 1788 in Boyle County, Kentucky.1 Jesse Bugg DURHAM and Elizabeth EWING had the following children:



Hannibal DURHAM.






Harrison DURHAM.



Elvira DURHAM was born on 22 Mar 1815 in Jackson County, Indiana.1



Samuel Wallace DURHAM.



Jesse Bugg DURHAM Jr. was born on 17 Jan 1819 in Jackson County, Indiana.1 He died on 18 Aug 1822 in Jackson County, Indiana.1



Caroline DURHAM was born on 8 Dec 1820 in Jackson County, Indiana.1 She died on 8 Jul 1822 in Jackson County, Indiana.1



Rebecca Ann DURHAM was born on 13 Jul 1823 in Jackson County, Indiana.1 She died on 8 Oct 1823 in Jackson County, Indiana.1



Martha Elizabeth DURHAM was born on 20 Aug 1824 in Jackson County, Indiana.1 She died on 15 Aug 1827 in Jackson County, Indiana.1



John Bolivar DURHAM.



Mary Katherine DURHAM.



Felix Grundy DURHAM was born on 14 Dec 1830 in Jackson County, Indiana.1 He died on 29 Nov 1839 in Jackson County, Indiana.1



James Madison DURHAM was born on 13 Mar 1833 in Jackson County, Indiana.1 He died on 8 Sep 1850 in Jackson County, Indiana.1 Died at age 17, never married.