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Third Generation

47. Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM was born on 30 Aug 1817 in Mercer County, Kentucky.1,4,45,46,47,48 He died on 7 Aug 1884 in Kentucky. Margaret (Durham), age 70 from Virginia, is living in the household of Jonas and Rachel Durham.

From: Helen McKeown
Date: June 11, 2011 8:22:23 PM EDT
To: bdurham@mountainsidemedia.com
Subject: Durham genealogy

Thought the following might help your Durham file. Helen

Myrtie May Reneer is Myrtle Mae Reneer b 9-10-1887 d 3-18-1960

Robert Joe Durham d 1-29-1961 married 4-4-1906, buried Centertown Cemetery, Ohio Co., KY

Richard K Durham is Richard Kelly Durham b 1-8-1907 d 8-31-1982 buried Centertown Cemetery

Mary Emma Durham d 7-4-1964 buried Centertown Cemetery

Robert L Durham is Robert Lee Durham d 4-26-1991 buried Centertown Cemetery

Cornelius K Reneer is Cornelius Kelly Reneer b 11-8-1863 d 12-4-1933 married 7-15-1885 Emma Jane Ashby b 10-30-1869 d 12-20-1925 buried Centertown Cemetery.

Benjamin Durham 10-1877 b 11-18-1877 d 9-20-1926 buried Daniel Morgan Smith Cemetery, Butler Co., KY

Emily Francis Benton is Emma Frances Benton b 5-11-1884 d 9-9-1970 buried Centertown Cemetery

Dollie Durham 12-1885 is b 12-3-1887 d 3-20-1967 buried Centertown Cemetery

Clyde Durham 8-1893 is b 8-14-1892 d 6-14-1969 buried Centertown Cemetery

Joseph Durham 1817 is Jonas Durham d 8-7-1884

John D Durham 1857 buried Equality Cemetery, Ohio Co., KY

Samuel Eldridge Durham 1888 buried Rose Hill Cemetery this is in Muhlenberg Co., KY

Feorlena Weathford is Farlina Weatherford b 1-19-1890

Mary Annie Kirtley is Mary Ann Kirtley d 10-2-1929

John Durham 1892 is John Edwin Durham b 2-25-1893 d 11-14-1968 buried Centertown Cemetery.

Clara Durham 1897 is Clara Belle Durham b 7-24-1896 d 3-19-1974 buried Equality Cemetery

Vernon Durham b 1889 per death index buried Centertown Cemetery served in WWI

Ella Whitehead b 11-28-1889 d 12-18-1976

Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Susan REED were married on 12 Feb 1840 in Washington County, Kentucky.1 Some listings show "Susan Tucker", but the death certificate of Levi Durham in St. Louis, Missouri (Jackson County), show Levi's parents as: Father: Jonas Durham; Mother: Susan Reed; I went with "Susan Reed". Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Susan REED had the following children:



Margaret DURHAM.



Levathan "Levi" "Lee" DURHAM.

Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Mary Jane BAKER were married on 28 Nov 1843 in Washington County, Kentucky.1

Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Margaret Elizabeth TEWMEY were married on 26 Aug 1844 in Danville, Boyle County, Kentucky.1 They were divorced before 1849 in Boyle County, Kentucky.1 Margaret Elizabeth TEWMEY (daughter of William TEWMEY and Elizabeth MCGINNIS) was born about 1826 in Kentucky.1 LAWS OF KENTUCKY. CHAPTER 17. AN ACT to change the name of Eliza Durham.
Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the name of Eliza Durham is hereby changed to her maiden name of Eliza Tewmey. Approved, January 12, 1849.

1850 census of Boyle county, KY.; list Eliza and her two daughter's Elizabeth and Cornelia Durham in the household of William Tewmey, Eliza's father.

James H. and Cornelia (Durham) are listed in the 1880 Census for Hopkins County, Kentucky, with 3 children. The youngest son - Clarence P. McAfee is listed as informant on the death certificate of Cornelia (Durham) McAfee in Knox County, KY.

In the 1900 census for Boyle County, Kentucky - Cornelia McAfee, age 52, and son Clarence McAfee, age 21, are living in the household of Anthony May and wife Eliza. Cornelia is listed as "step-daughter" and Clarence is listed as "step-son".
Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Margaret Elizabeth TEWMEY had the following children:



Elizabeth DURHAM was born about 1845 in Boyle County, Kentucky.1



Cormelia DURHAM.

Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Rachel Elizabeth "Bettie" AUSTIN were married on 15 Feb 1849 in Ohio County, Kentucky.1 Rachel Elizabeth "Bettie" AUSTIN was born about 1824 in Ohio County, Kentucky.45 Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Rachel Elizabeth "Bettie" AUSTIN had the following children:



Lucy DURHAM was born about 1849 in Kentucky.4



Richard Parker DURHAM.



James W. DURHAM was born on 27 Dec 1853 in Washington County, Kentucky.17,46,47



John "Jay" H. DURHAM.




Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Martha DEXTER were married on 23 Jan 1863 in Ohio County, Kentucky.1,17 Martha DEXTER (daughter of Benjamin DEXTER and Elizabeth "Betsy" WARDEN) was born about 1841 in Kentucky.46,48 Jonas "Joseph" DURHAM and Martha DEXTER had the following children:



Minnie DURHAM was born about 1864 in Kentucky.46



William H. DURHAM was born about 1868 in Kentucky.46



Edward M. DURHAM.



Clarence DURHAM was born about 1874 in Kentucky.48