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Fourth Generation

23. James Singleton DURHAM was born on 29 Sep 1805 in North Carolina.1,4,5,6,7 He died on 24 Dec 1875 in Logan County, Arkansas.1,4 Information provided by Barb and Smitty's Legacy

This is a theory I have:

Singleton, son of John (Milton) was born between 1800 and 1810. It is reasonable to conclude the birthdates match for this James Singleton and the one who married Cynthia Hames. Singleton married Charlotte Murphy/Morphew sometime before 1827 because that's when their daughter Mira Ann, was born. Hiram Hansford was born on January 24, 1828. Singleton and Charlotte had 2 other boys. John was born 1832 and James Harvey was born around 1834. Those are all the children from this marriage. By 1840 Charlotte is alone with the children and by 1850 she is listed as the head of household along with Hiram, Nancy, and the two boys. The very interesting and very CONFUSING thing is that Singleton was still alive in 1872 because he is listed as a living heir in his father John's will, yet he and Charlotte are NOT together and the last census I find of her is the 1860 one where she and James Harvey (plus his famliy) are living in Missouri... no husband with her. I believe that Singleton either divorced her or left her and went back to wherever, met Cynthia, got married and started a whole new family....even naming his firstborn son after his brother, Thomas Hansford. James Singleton was 31 years old when he married Cynthia. That is quite unusual for a first marriage.

This theory has been proven with DNA testing...

From: Scott Durham
Date: January 18, 2010 1:18:49 AM EST
To: "bdurham@mountainsidemedia.com

Subject: durham site (www.durhamheritage.com)

It was great to find your Durham site. As I was looking at the descendant reports it appears to me that the James Singleton Durham report and the John Durham report (both of Roane County TN) should be interlinked. James Singleton and Thomas Hansford Durham were brothers and both were the sons of John Durham. I enjoyed browsing your site and appreciate the comprehensive effort you have put into it.
Scott Durham

James Singleton DURHAM and Charlotte MURPHY were married about 1826 in Roane County, Tennessee.4 Charlotte MURPHY4 was born about 1807 in North Carolina.8,9 Charlotte Durham, age 43, is listed as Head of household in the 1850 Census for Roane County, Tennessee. Listed with Charlotte are: Hiram, age 20; John, age 18; James H., age 16; and Nancy C., age 22;

Charlotte Durham is also listed as head of household in the 1840 Census for Roane County, Tennessee.
Information provided by Barb and Smitty's Legacy

Husband was James Singleton Durham . He and family are in Raone Co. in 1830. In 1840 she is head of household.

(1). (Probably) Charlotte Murphy( Morphew), born 1807 North Carolina and living beyond 1860. Charlotte's maiden name being a Morphew was suggested by Barb (Durham) Smith, in her e-mail of 6 March 2005. Charlotte married Singleton Durham about 1826. "Charlotte belonged to the Prospect Baptist Church in Roane County...and wrote a letter of resignation about 1852" (e-mail of Barb Smith 24 March 2005). No family records mention her. The following associations strongly suggest a relationship to the Morphews.

(a). 1830 U.S. Census of Roane County: Singleton Durham next to Obediah Murphey. Singleton and Charlotte then go separate ways by 1840.

(b). 1840 U.S. Census of Roane County: Charlotte Dearham without a husband is next to Richard Snow, who married Sarah J. Morphew in 1829 .

(c). 1850 U.S. Census of Roane County: Charlotte Durham is two entries away from Richard + Sarah Morphew Snow.

(d). 1860 U.S. Census of Wright County, Missouri: Charlotte Durham now living in household of son, James Harvey Durham + Sarah E. (Rose) Durham. Two entries away are Hiram + Emeline Murphy/Morphew.

(e). The name "Charlotte" name is used for children's names by Sarah Morphew Snow and Hiram Murphy/Morphew. Likewise, Charlotte used the name of "Hiram" for one of her children.


Charlotte left Roane County TN between 1855 and 1856. By 1857, she, James Harvey and Sarah J (Rose) and family ended up in Wright County Missouri. [Barbs Legacy 2 gedcom.FTW]

1850 Census Roane County, Tennessee
ln. 30, Household 358, Family 378
Charlotte Durham, 43, b. in North Carolina (children all born in Tennessee )
Hiram, 20 (this is Hiram Hanford Durham, who later moved back to TN with his wife Nancy C. Everett)
John, 18
James H, 16
Nancy C. , 22 Hiram's wife
James Singleton DURHAM and Charlotte MURPHY had the following children:



Hiram Hansford DURHAM.



Mira Ann DURHAM was born about 1827 in Roane County, Tennessee.4






James Harvey DURHAM.

James Singleton DURHAM and Cynthia Janette HAMES were married on 27 May 1836 in Union County, South Carolina.4 Cynthia Janette HAMES was born in Sep 1817 in Union County, South Carolina.4,5 James Singleton DURHAM and Cynthia Janette HAMES had the following children:



Thomas Hansford DURHAM was born on 23 Jun 1837 in Union County, South Carolina.4,5



Mary Ann DURHAM was born on 9 Oct 1838 in Union County, South Carolina.4,5



Mary Jane DURHAM was born on 23 Sep 1840 in Union County, South Carolina.4,5



Thompson Lineaus DURHAM was born on 14 Aug 1842 in Union County, South Carolina.4,5



Demilia DURHAM.



James L. DURHAM.