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Second Generation

2. Mastin DURHAM was born about 1759 in Hanover County, Virginia.1 He died about 1844 in Wayne County, Kentucky.1 NOTES FROM: Barb & Smitty's Legacy

Mastin Durham is found in the state census of North Carolina 1784-1787, Wilkes County, in Cap't Isbel's district.

The 1787 Wilkes County, North Carolina Tax List

Captain Isbell's District
Name No. Acres No. Polls
Abner, Elisha 50 1
Aldridge, Mary 50 -
Allen, Annanias 150 1
Burns, William - 1
Bowin, Isaac - 1
Beasley, William - 1
Bradley, John 50 1
Bailey, Edmund 150 1
Barlow, John 290 1
Brown, Richard 300 4
Bailey, Anselm - 1
*******************Coffee, Joel 350 5
*******************Coffee, Isaiah 133 1
Calton, Thomas 325 1
Calton, Lewis 150 2
Clackston, Levi - 1
Dugger, Benjamin 130 1 Stud horse
*******************Durram, Mastin 100 1
*******************Durram, John 100 1
Davis, Philip 175 1
Davis, Thomas - 1
Dunkin, Laurence 150 1
Duncan, Benjamin 50 1
Eairs, Robert - 1
Elmore, James 100 1
Foster, Anthony 100 1
Farmer, Thomas 300 1
Ferguson, James 200 1
Ferguson, Thomas 75 1
Forbush, David - 1
Grayson, Benjamin 300 1
Green, Richard 150 1
Huddlestone, John 27 2
Hagler, Jacob - 1
Hagler, Abraham - 1
Hagler, John 44 1
Hall, Thomas - 1
Hagler, John, Senr. 413 2
Howard, Benjamin 1784 7
Hackerson, Thomas - 1
Hall, Millien 100 -
Hall, Samuel 50 1
Howard, Joshua - 1
Isbell, Thomas 135 2
Isbell, James 137 2
Isbell, Nancy 1300 6
Isbell, Daniel 100 1
Jacks, William - 1
Jones, Russel 795 4
Kerby, John 130 1
Kerby, WIlliam 130 1
Kerby, William, Junr. 40 1
Levingston, John - 1
Land, Thomas 200 -
Land, John - 1
Land, Jonathan 70 1
Land, Thomas - 1
Nickelson, Thomas 150 1
Northern, John 150 1
Nathery, Robert 400 1
Nowland, Peter 400 1
Pagett, James 150 1
Pierce, Francis 50 1
Rucker, Coleby 50 1
Rash, Joseph 50 1
Robins, Thomas 620 6 Stud horse
Robins, John, Senr. 636 -
Stapp, JOhn 100 2
Shearer, John 49 1
Stanley, Reuben 90 1
Stanbury, Nathan 50 1
Sweeten, Robert - 1
Steed, Thomas 100 1
Swanson, William 100 1
Sweeten, Dutton 50 -
Smith, Edward 250 1
Stapp, Thomas - 3
Tilley, Edmund 550 3
Tucker, Samuel 300 1
Tilley, Benjamin - 1
Triplett, Daniel 100 1
Tilley, Lazarus - 1
Vest, William 40 1
Vanderpool, John 50 1
Witherspoon, John - 1
Witherspoon, David 261 3
Witherspoon, James 250 2
Witherspoon, Thoams 287 1
Walker, Samuel 420 -
Wisdom, Ann 150 1
Wisdom, John 150 1
State: NC
County: Wilkes County
Township: Isbels District
Year: 1787
Record Type: State or colonial census
Page: 001
Database: NC Early Census Index
The 1790 Federal Census for Wilkes County, North Carolina
First Company

Name White White White Slaves
Males Males Females
16+ 16-

Durham, Marshal (Mitchel) 1 2 4 0

Here's ANOTHER theory:
Is it POSSIBLE that Mastin's MIDDLE name (or second name) was Marshall? I do not believe that this is a different person since Mastin was listed in the Wilkes County 1787 tax list and again in the 1800 as Mastin, but in the 1810 Burke County he's listed as Mitchel....

At a monthly meeting in July 1790, Thomas Fields desired to give up the church book and the church chose James Coffey to be their clerk and appointed him. Thomas Coffey, Eli Coffey and Martin Durham, to repair some mistakes in the church book, also appointed John Durham, James Coffey, and Thomas Coffey delegates to the Association.
At a monthly meeting in April 1791, the church appointed James Coffey, Eli Coffey and Jonathan Boone as delegates to the Association and ordered the cleark to prepare a letter for the church; also concluded that Sister Lancedown acted disorderly in giving herself under the care of the church, promising go bring her letter of dismisson and neglected to perform the same. Therefore the church appointed Brethren Thomas Coffey, Thomas Fields and Mastin Durham to visit the sister and to know the cause why her letter was stayed and to make report to the church at the next meeting. Brother Hull and Sister Hull also were received by letter inot the fellowship of the church.
Church meeting on Mulberry the last Saturday in January, 1792. The church received Brethren George McNeal, John Barlow, John Durham, Patrick Mooney, and William Bradshaw as a Presbytery. They entered into the work of ordination and ordained friend Brother James Coffey in the work of an elder and charged him to officiate in that office; also friend Brother Jonathan Boone qualified for the work of a deacon and he was ordained to that office. Applications were made by Brother McNeal and Brother Durham for letters of dismission.

There were no other mentions of Durhams after this entry. But I have the entire minutes for the Yadkin Church and Mastin was clerk for a time.
Wilkes County Court Minutes 1789 - 1797 Volumes III & IV Compiled by Mrs. W. O. Absher, Vol IV p 43
2 February 1797 - Ordered Thomas Fields, John Coffey Senr, Eli Coffey, William Hulme, Robert Epperson, Michael Israel, Mastin Durham, Hezekiah Strutton, Reuben Coffey, Benjamin Coffey, George Hulme, Ambrose Coffee, Thomas Coffey Senr, Owen Humphrey, Daniel Yarnell, Robert Bryan, John Mills, Charles Gordon view road from Mr. Eppersons branch by Maj. Gordons Mill to Solomons branch.
Deed Book B-1, Wilkes County, NC, Deeds Dated (1782-1797), Published by
Wilkes Genealogy Society, Inc., found in the Greenville (SC)
County Library System:

P. 29: "#300, 6 Nov. 1793, Between Morton Jones and Mastin Durham 100 lbs.
ac large branch mouths into Denmans Entry below the improvement . . "

Morton Jones
"Benjamin Jones
Andre Bryan
John Bryan"
Found the 1800 Wilkes County NC Census listing Martin as head of house age 45. Two boys ages 16-25 (John and James) One girl age 10 -15 ( Sally) and three more ages 16-25 (Selah, Elizabeth and Molly) One other female listed in the 26-45 cagegory. (Martha)
An indenture dated October 3, 1803 states that Mastin sold his land in Wilkes County to Edmund Jones.
1810 BURKE COUNTY NC Census: 1 Male over 45...Martin (Mitchell)
1 Female under 10....
1 Female 16 to 25.....Sally
1 Female 26 to 44......
1 Female over 45......Martha
Wayne County, Kentucky was created by the State Legislature of Kentucky on December 13th, 1800 from parts of Pulaski and Cumberland Counties. It is now bordered by Clinton, Russell, McCreary and Pulaski Counties. The Cumberland River divides the two counties of Wayne and Pulaski. Wayne County is located in portions of both the Mississippi Plateau and the Eastern Kentucky Coal Field Region. It was divided into three distinct physical regions: the Cumberland Plateau, the Level Plain in the southeast part of county: the Knobs, rolling plains that run through the center of the county and the Pennyroyal or Mississippi Plateau in the northwest part of the county.

In Mastin's Revolutionary War pension, he states he came to Wayne County KY in 1811.
1820 WAYNE COUNTY KY Census: The Census Taker messed this one up. There is a name crossed out above
Mastin's name and the marks are all messed up. This is the best I can figure:
1 M: 45 & up
1 F : 10 -15
2 F : 45 & up
From Vol. 1, page 98 -
DURHAM, Mastin and Mary DOCKERY. Bond missing, married 13 August 1826 by William Summers. (Mastin married first Martha COFFEY in February 1774. Martha was the daughter of James COFFEY and Elizabeth CLEVELAND, born 1758/59.)
Wayne County, KY Book D, pg 70 - 20 Sep 1827 James Navell to Mastin Durham both of Wayne County, for $175, conveys 100 acres on Big Sinking bounded by Dodson Fork, Mitchel's line. Wit. Stockton Dodson, Leonard Dodson, Signed: James Neavell, Mariam Neavill.
Book E , p 19 - 18 December 1828 Mastin Durham of Wayne County to Ebenezer Fairchild of same, conveys 100 acrs on Big Sinking Creek, bounded by Dotson Fork, William Mitchel's line. Wit: Isaac Bennett, William Small, Signed: Mastin Durham, Mary Durham, her marker.
14 February 1829 Mary Durham relinquished her dower right; 17 March 1829 above instrument recorded.
1830 WAYNE COUNTY KY Census: 1 Male: 10 to 15 (probably Nelson Ramsey)
1 Male: 70 to 79
1 Female: 40 to 49 (Mary Ramsey Dockery Durham)
In the 1840 Census, Mastin DURHAM is age 80 & under 90.
Mary is 60 under 70 ( I think the census guy messed up again)
Also, found the 1840 Wayne County Ky census, Martin is listed under Pension for Revolutionary or Military Services. He is 85 years old.
The Revolutionary War ran from 1775-1783)
AGE 79

(RZAPTZGK) Patriot Index Lookup Service reference number: The following is from
Dana a Patriot Lookup Volunteer from DAR:
DURHAM, Mastin
Birth: VA 1755
Service: NC
Rank: Pvt
Death: KY p 11-24-1834
Patriot Pensioned: Yes Widow Pensioned: No
Children Pensioned: No Heirs Pensioned: No
Spouse: (1) Martha Coffey

State of Kentucky, County of Wayne
On this day of August A.D.1832 personally appeared in Open Court before the Justices of the Court of the County aforesaid now sitting Mastin Durham a ???sent citizen of the United States in the County of Wayne & State of Kentucky aged Seventy seven years who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his Oath make the following Declaration in Order to Obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7th, 1832. That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers & served as herein stated. He was born in the County of Hanover Virginia in the year 1755. In the year 1779 he removed to the County of Wilkes in the State of North Carolina & was in the same year of 1779 enrolled in the Company of North Carolina Militia in said Wilkes County commanded by Captain John Keys & when the Company was classed off he thinks he fell in the 4th Division. And in the latter part of the Summer of the same year then was call made for one man out of each Class or division of the Company to volunteer or Draft into the Continental service for Twelve or 18 months. I know not to which, and the class to which he belonged hired a certain John Higgins to go serve the term and they gave him one hundred thirty dollars this Decl?? part of which he paid in a horse beast.-- In the Fall of the same year, he moved to what was called the Coffey Settlement in the same County of Wilkes on the head of the Adkin [sic, Yadkin] River & was soon enrolled in the Company of militia commanded by Captain John Barton [?][Moss interprets this name as ?Burton?] and in the month of June or about the first of July in the year 1780 he was drafted into the service of the United States in the militia of North Carolina in the Fort Company commanded by Captain John Benton, Elijah J. Isaacs being Colonel & marched down to Fohawk's [?] mill and there joined the Main Army under General Rutherford [Griffith Rutherford]. He then marched with the Army to the mouth of Rocky River at one Colston's [?] where they joined the Army under General Gates [Horatio Gates]. There then came an express for men to be sent back to surprise the Tories in Wilkes and Burke Counties North Carolina & he with 25 or 30 others were sent back under Lieutenant Archer Allan. He then joined the horse Company under Captain Moses Guest, Thomas Ferguson Lieutenant & Benjamin Guest Ensign. He went with said horse Company from place to place wherever & whenever called upon. The number of routes against the Tories he cannot now distinctly recollect. He marched from the head of the Yadkin down to the Shallow Ford once to Moravian Town twice to Hamblin's Old Store, once to Long Thumbed Williams' under C. O. Benjamin Hearndon, once to Major Lewis' on the Yadkin once to Roan [?] River, once to Major Givins' down the Yadkin, once to Thomas Pames'[?], several times to Morgan Town in the County of Burke, to Cryder's Field to M (erchant?) Sharp's [?], & the rich lands on the head of the Yadkin & to several other places ??? & through the Counties of Wilkes and Burke NC - sometime in the month of September 1780 Col. Benjamin Cleveland of the Militia of North Carolina gathered his force together at Cryden Field & there he, with others, joined him & marched for King's Mountain. He thinks they joined Col. William Campbell's (Regiment ?) at a place called Cowpens. He then marched with the Army through a part of South Carolina down to the mouth of Green River & there he lost his horse & was turned into the Footmen under the command of Colonel Richard Allan & marched with them until they came to a place called Colston's old field & there we met the horsemen with prisoners and he joined his old company again and marched up the Country to Colonel Walker's in Rutherford County where the officers held a Court martial. They then marched about 3 miles to a Widow Biggerstaff's where they hanged nine of the Leaders of the Tories. They then started with the rest of them for Moravian Town. He then marched about from one place to another until after February 1781 & then started for Guilford after the battle at which place he returned home. His whole term of service being (about) between 12 and 18 months he obtained no written discharge. There's no evidence by which he can prove his service except the testimony of Reuben (crossed out) Lewis Coffey and Reuben Coffey whom he believes he can prove that he was engaged in the service. He resided in North Carolina until after the war and has been living in Kentucky in Wayne ever since the year 1811--
He hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or an annuity except the present & he declares that his name is not on the pension roll of any agency of any State.
Sworn to & subscribed the day & year aforesaid.
S/ Mastin Durham
[Francis P. Kline, minister, and Rhodes Garth testify to declarant's veracity &c.]
I found this website that offers some detail about the excursions of King's Mountain and the hanging of 9 Tories.....kind of cool.

Pg. 687-689
NAME: Big Springs SERIAL NO: 383 DATE: 2-3-1977
LOCATION: 2.1 mile S/W of Rd. 92 on Burfield Rd.
QUADRANGLE: Parmleysville
LATITUDE: 36'44'25"N LONGITUDE: 84'47'1"W

born died Comments
Durham Mastin 1755 1844 DOD 8-1-1844 Married first Martha Coffey then Mary Dockery
Son of Molly Jenkins & John Durham
Even tho I don't think Mabel was Mastin's mother, I can find no evidence that Molly Jenkins was either, or Mary Hansford as some claim. (BLD-S)

Mastin DURHAM and Martha COFFEY were married in Feb 1774 in Albemarle County, Virginia.1 U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900 <http://www.ancestry.com/search/db.aspx?dbid=7836&enc=1>
about Martin Durham

Name: Martin Durham
Gender: Male
Birth Place: VA
Birth Year: 1759
Spouse Name: Martha Coffey
Spouse Birth Place: VA
Spouse Birth Year: 1758
Marriage Year: 1774
Marriage State: VA
Number Pages: 1

Martha COFFEY (daughter of James COFFEY and Elizabeth CLEVELAND) was born about 1758 in Albemarle County, Virginia.1 Mastin DURHAM and Martha COFFEY had the following children:



Molly DURHAM was born on 7 Feb 1775 in place unknown.1 NOTES FROM: Barb & Smitty's Legacy

I have no proof that this person was a daughter of Mastin and Martha. I think I got the name off of other's websites.

I have a copy of "Application For Membership To The National Society of the Daughters Of The American Revolution" submitted by Eula Wright Humphrey.
In this information, the following are listed as Mastin and Martha Coffey Durham's children:
Molly b. 1775
James 1777
John 1779
Betsy 1781
Selah 1784

I found the following marriage information in Wayne County KY Marriages:
Durham, Polly, m. Jacob Vanhouser - 7 Sep 1826

Looking at the 1830 Wayne County KY Census under Jacob Van Hoser this is what is listed:
m: 15-19 1
m: 80-89 1
F: 15-19 1
F: 40-49 1

Molly/Polly/Mary would have been 55 in 1830. I just wonder if this could have been Molly Durham, daughter of Mastin and Martha. There were no other Durhams in Wayne who would have had a daughter that old except for Mastin and Martha....this Polly could have been a Mrs. Durham of a previous marriage from somewhere else. But I'm putting the info here, just in case. There would have been no children born to this union and when I look up information on Jacob Vanhousen (many variant spellings) no one has identified this Polly Durham.
I have no proof that this person was a daughter of Mastin and Martha. I think I got the name off of other's websites.



James DURHAM was born on 8 Feb 1777 in place unknown.1



John Milton DURHAM.



Elizabeth DURHAM.



Selah "Celia" DURHAM.



Sarah "Sally" DURHAM was born on 11 Mar 1787 in North Carolina.1

Mastin DURHAM and Mary RAMSEY were married on 13 Aug 1826 in Wayne County, Kentucky.1 Mary RAMSEY was born about 1789 in Burke County, North Carolina.1