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Third Generation

29. Charles Brantly DURHAM was born in May 1866 in Stewart County, Tennessee.10,11,29,30,31,32 He died in 1939 in Dyersburg, Tennessee. From: Hoodslanding@aol.com <mailto:Hoodslanding@aol.com>
Date: September 15, 2010 3:38:26 AM EDT
To: bdurham@mountainsidemedia.com

Subject: John Pryor Durham

Hello cuz...I am Phyllis Proffitt Hamman...John Pryor Durham and Nancy are my ggggGrandparents on my mothers side. I have about the same thing you have for them..Noticed you dont have Jane Stacy listed as their only daughter...I have wondered about her...Is she their daughter...and did she marry a Stacy?
My gggGrandparents are Robert Roy Durham...I have 1835 as birth date for Robert...Not on Death Certificate....He died 28 March 1911 Tennessee Ridge Tenn. Old age cause of death.Houston Co. Tenn.

He married Synthia Bell daughter of Elijah Bell and Synthia Bennett Humphrey Co Tenn. Synthia Bell was born May 1837 Humphrey Co Tenn. and died 17 Jan 1911 in Houston Co Tenn. living in Tennessee Ridge at Death. Old age. Havent found any of the Durham graves as of yet. If someone has found John Pryor's grave please send how to get to it.

My ggGrandparents were Charles Brantly Durham b 1866 Stewart Co Tenn. died 1939 Dyersburg Tenn. married 5 June 1898 Houston Co Tenn. age 32. married Ida Mae Weaver born 1880 Houston Co Tenn died about 1960 Dyersburg Tenn.

Their children were:

Clyde Lester Durham born 1900 Houston Co died 1983 michigan

Eula Bell Durham born 1902 Houston Co Tenn died 1936 Dyersburg Tenn. This is my Grandmother

Elvis Camel Durham b 1904 Houston Co Tenn. died 1982 Mich

Robert Anderson Durham b 1906 Houston or Hickman Co. Tenn...Dont know the year they moved to Hickman Co Tenn.

Annie Louisa Durham b Aug 5 1909 Hickman Co Tenn and died Jan 1909 Cornersville, Marshall Co Tenn. Went to funeral Home Super Bowl Sunday and funeral was Monday.

LeRoy Allison Durham b 1911 d 1984 Memphis Tenn

Lola Angeline born 1912 and died 1917 Crockett Co ..Buried in Crockett Co. Havent gone to look for Grave.

Annie Louisa gave me this information. She was 5 years old when she died.

Olive Mae (Polly) Durham b 1918 Dyer Co Dyersburg... died 2002 in Fla. Got to meet her when Aunt Annie's husband died. Went to Nashville to meet bus and pick her up. They were in Hickman Co in 1910. They were in Crockett Co in 1920. They were in Dyer Co in 1930.

Eula Bell Durham married James William Greene Hawkins in Dyer Co in 1921..

Their kids are:

Colleen Hawkins born July 1923 Dyersburg Tenn d 22 Aug 1946. This is my mother. She died right after I was born.

J C Hawkins b 1925 died 1966 Tx

Christine Hawkins b 1926 Dyersburg died 2003 Saginaw Mich

James Everette Hawkins b 1928 Dyersburg died June 2009 Parma Mo

Robert Hawkins b 1930 Dyersburg died 2003 Calif

Fred Hawkins b 1931 died 1931 born dead

Margaret Faye Hawkins b 1932 Dyersburg d 1996 Calif

Paul Kenneth Hawkins b 1934 Dyersburg

When Eula Bell died they came in and removed all the children.
Colleen, was put in foster home, Christine went to Mich to live with uncle Clyde Lester Durham.
J C and James hit the road and met up with their father later...
Robert and Margaret Faye went to orphanage and adopted. A family took Margaret but didn't want Robert. She kept after them and they finally went and got Robert and took them to California...Robert never married.
Paul Kenneth went to Nashville to childrens home and was adopted in Nashville.

And last but least me Phyllis Hope Proffitt b 22 Aug 1946 Memphis.
married Samuel Earl Hamman 8 Jan 1948 Bonne Terre Mo Oct 5 1968
divorced Oct 11 1971 Chattanooga Tenn.
remarried 23 June 1989 Harrison Tenn
the divorce didn't work

Rev Gregory Eric Hamman b 26 March 1969 Rockwood Tenn
married Commila Eggert 17 June 1989 Jasper Tenn.
Tristen Grace Hamman b 24 June 1993 Chattanooga Tenn
missed our anniversary by a couple of hrs.

Any questions please email me at hoodslanding@aol.com <mailto:hoodslanding@aol.com>.
The family tree is on ancestry.com under Proffitt Family Tree.
If you have problems getting into it let me know and I will send you an invite.
Dont pay attention to John Pryor Durhams parents...Just putting in names trying to get any hints I could.
Just havent taken it out yet.

Also several years ago on the Durham Forum there was a John Durham married to a Brantly and they went to Ga too...Just wondering if Charles Brantly Durham was named after them??? Cant find a tree with them in it at all. they were from NC too. keep this in mind.!!!!

Charles Brantly DURHAM and Ida Mae WEAVER were married on 5 Jun 1898 in Houston County, Tennessee.29,32 Ida Mae WEAVER was born in Feb 1880 in Houston County, Tennessee.29,30,31,32 She died in 1960 in Dyersburg, Tennessee.32 Charles Brantly DURHAM and Ida Mae WEAVER had the following children:



Clyde Lester DURHAM was born in Apr 1900 in Tennessee.29,30,31,32 He died in 1983 in Michigan.



Eula Bell DURHAM.



Elvis Camel DURHAM was born about 1904 in Houston County, Tennessee.30,31 He died in 1982 in Michigan.



Robert "Bob" Anderson DURHAM was born about 1907 in Tennessee.30,31



Annie Louisa DURHAM died in Jan 1909 in Cornersville, Marshall County, Tennessee. She was born on 5 Aug 1909 in Hickman County, Tennessee.30,31



Lola Angeline DURHAM was born in 1912 in Crockett County, Tennessee. She died in 1917 in Crockett County, Tennessee.



Leroy "Roy" Allison DURHAM was born about 1913 in Tennessee.31 He died in 1984 in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee.



Ollie Mae DURHAM was born about 1919 in Dyersburg, Tennessee.31 He died in 2002 in Florida.