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Second Generation

2. George DURHAM was born on 13 Feb 1806 in place unknown.1,5 He died before 1850 in Morgan county, Virginia/West Virginia.5 West Virginia Vital Research Records - Marriage

Morgan County
Know all me by these presents, that we, George Durham & Andrew Michael, Jr. are held and firmly bound unto his Excellency, John Floyd, Esquire, Governor of Virginia, (for the time being) and his successors, in the sum of one hundred and fifty dollars, for the payment whereof, well and truly to be made to the said Governor, or his successors, for the use of Commonwealth, we bind themselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, jointly and severally, firmly by these parents. Sealed with our seals, and dated this 6th day of June 1831.

The CONDITION of the above obligation is such, that whereas a marriage is shortly intended to be had and solemized between the said George Durham, Rosannah Ambrose, of this county. Now if there is no lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage, then the above obligation to be void, else to remain in full force and virtue.

Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of:
Henry A. Byrne

George Durham (SEAL)
Andrew Michael (SEAL)

George DURHAM and Rosannah AMBROSE were married on 6 Jun 1831 in Morgan county, Virginia/West Virginia.3,6 Rosannah AMBROSE was born about 1807 in place unknown.1,3 George DURHAM and Rosannah AMBROSE had the following children:



John Wesley DURHAM.



George DURHAM was born about 1835 in Morgan county, Virginia/West Virginia.3



Frances DURHAM was born about 1836 in Morgan county, Virginia/West Virginia.3



Martha "Marthy" DURHAM.



William DURHAM was born about 1840 in Morgan county, Virginia/West Virginia.3



Sarah E. DURHAM was born about 1843 in Morgan county, Virginia/West Virginia.3,4