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First Generation

1. Nathaniel "Nath" DURHAM was born in place unknown. Nathaniel Durham is listed on page 67 of a 93 page court case between Drury Pulliam and the Administrators of John Marr, desceased. Nathaniel testifies on 18th April 1807, that he hears John Marr and Henry Potter have a conversation about how John Marr came about obtaining two negroes - Rosa and Milly, from Drury Pulliam through a bond deception.
(Source: http://www.lva.virginia.gov/chancery/full_case_detail.asp?CFN=089-1807-002#img)

The "Nath" and "Gelaney" of Virginia mentioned in the death record for Thomas J. Durham (T. J.) could be the Nathaniel and Delaney Durham who is mentioned on a deed in Franklin County, Virginia, where Nathaniel and Delaney sold 100 acres of land. There is also a Nathaniel Durham listed as a "constable" in the 1790 and 1800 Tax List of Henry County, Virginia. Gregory Durham who married Elizabeth Shelton is listed on these same Tax Lists. More research is needed.

Nathaniel "Nath" DURHAM and Delaney "Gelaney?" (UNKNOWN) were married. Nathaniel "Nath" DURHAM and Delaney "Gelaney?" (UNKNOWN) had the following children:



Thomas J. DURHAM.