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Fourth Generation

59. John Matt DURHAM was born on 29 Nov 1879 in Kentucky.5,18,25,26,27,35 He died Hanged by neck - suicide on 27 Apr 1945 in Bell County, Kentucky.11 Buried in Greene Cemetery in Bell County, Kentucky (Cemetery Records).
http://www.bellcountypubliclibraries.org/crm/ky/bell/G.html#GIBSON Chapter VIII

John M. Durham, who lives about one mile up Hances Creek, gave me some information about his family which follows:

"John M. Durham, born November 29, 1878, married Carrie Hurst, born November 27, 1877, daughter of Sanders and Elizabeth (Pursifull) Hurst, and they have the following children: (1) Ted Durham, born October 4, 1899, (2) Rossie Durham, born March 25, 1901, and died October 16, 1921, (3) Bessie Durham, born September 10, 1905.

"Ted Durham, son of John M. Durham, married Verdie Pursifull, and they have four children: (1) Eugene Durham, (2) Glenn Morris Durham, (3) Alfred Durham, (4) Robert Durham.

"Carl Davis married Bessie Durham, daughter of John M. Durham, and they have one child: (1) Caroline Davis.

"Arthur Durham, son of John M. Durham, married Mary Ellen Hoskins, daughter of Henry C. Hoskins, and they have two children: (1) Arthur Durham, (2) Rossie Magaline Durham.

"Jeff Durham, father of John M. Durham, January 1, 1850 to 1888, married: I. Sarah (Sallie) Miracle, September 15, 1853, to March 31, 1885, and they had eight children: (1) Martha Durham, November 15, 1871, (2) Debbie Durham, May 30, 1873, (3) Nancy Durham, May 2, 1875, (4) Willie Durham, March 8, 1877, (5) John M. Durham, November 29, 1878, (6) Julia Durham, October 11, 1880. (7) Lucy Durham, twin, October 21, 1884, (8) Rachel Durham, twin, October 21, 1884; Second wife, Caroline Hoskins, daughter of Bratcher Hoskins: (9) Mary Catherine Durham, January 21, 1887.

"Jesse Durham, grandfather of John M. Durham, married Harriet Edwards, and they had seven children: (1) Will Durham, (2) Jim Durham, (3) George Durham, (4) Martha Durham. who married Tom Ross, (5) Mary Durham. (6) Linda Durham, who married Bill Givens of Middlesborough, Ky., (7) Catherine Durham, who married James Evans.

"Will Durham, son of Jesse Durham, married Easter Miracle, and they had six children: (1) Silas Durham, (2) George Durham, (3) Sarah Durham, (4)Tom Durham, (5) Nancy Durham, (6) Ruth Durham.

"Silas Slusher, born April 20, 1871, married, September 19, 1884, Debbie Durham daughter of Jeff Durham, and they had four children: (1) Floyd Slusher, February 14, 1892, (2) Lester Slusher, June 6, 1895, (3) Nancy Slusher, August 2, 1897, (4) Henry Jeff, Slusher, September 24, 1899.

John Matt DURHAM and Carrie "Cassie" HURST were married about 1899 in Kentucky. Carrie "Cassie" HURST (daughter of Sanders HURST and Elizabeth PURSIFULL) was born on 27 Nov 1877 in Kentucky.25,26,27,35 She died on 9 Dec 1970 in Bell County, Kentucky. Buried in Greene Cemetery in Bell County, Kentucky (Cemetery Records).
http://www.bellcountypubliclibraries.org/crm/ky/bell/G.html#GIBSON John Matt DURHAM and Carrie "Cassie" HURST had the following children:



Ted "Teddy" DURHAM.



Rossie DURHAM.



Bessie DURHAM.



Arthur DURHAM.