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Fourth Generation

72. William G. "Billy Rock" DURHAM was born in Aug 1862 in Kentucky.28,57,58,59 He died on 3 Nov 1936 in Jennings County, Indiana.6 It is not proven 100% that William G. Durham is a son of Joseph A. Durham. (More research is needed.) Here's what some people state:


"My great grandmother, Matilda Mahaffey, first husband was Phillip Rector. He died in 1860, she married my great grandfather, Joseph Durham in 1863, he died 1874. She then married John Norris in 1879; he probably died in 1881 or 1882 (I don't have his death date). She married fourth, W G Gooch in Lincoln County in 1886, I don't know when he died, but Matilda was living with granddaughter, Wila Rector Proctor in the 1910 Rockcastle census. Also. She is listed in the Joseph Durham in the 1910 census in Lincoln County, she was 79 years old, guess she was living short times at many relatives.

Matilda married Joseph Durham, born 15 Apr 1818 Madison County, KY on 17 Mar 1863 in Rockcastle County. Joe had been married and also had children, the number and ages are a bit hazy. Joseph Durham died in 1874, of the 'fever", he is also buried in Walnut Grove Cemetery. Joseph and Matilda had at least four children. They were:

1. Nancy J, born 1864, married Uriah Adams in 1881. Nancy lived with cousin, Charlotte Durham Tankersley after her father died, until she married.

2.Ella Belle, born 1866, married Daniel J Kidd in 1886 Lincoln County. She died 1952 and is buried alongside Daniel Kidd in Pleasant Point Cemetery. She married (2) Warner Hudson on 23 Feb 1911 Lincoln County. They apparently relocated to Fayette County. Of her three known children with Daniel Kidd, Lucinda married an Unknown Hudson, and I am searching for information for her, she is buried in the same plot in Pleasant Point Cemetery as her parents. Joseph died in WW I and is also buried in Pleasant Point, Arvelia married Charles William Hedger, and they lived in Fayette County, Arvelia died 1981 in Madison County don't know her place of burial.

3.Lucy Ellen, born 1868 Rockcastle County, married James Tirey Griffin on 14 Oct 1885 in Lincoln County, died 1932 in Lincoln County, and both she and James are buried at Mt Moriah Church Cemetery at Highland, Lincoln County. They had eleven children; several are buried in the Mt Moriah Cemetery.

4.My grandfather, Joseph Newman Durham, married Jemima Oaks 1897 They had eleven children, and lived later life in the Pine Grove area Both are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery.

5.Another child of Joseph Durham, that I believe is from his first marriage is William G Durham, born 1861, married Frances Jane Kidd, daughter of Daniel J Kidd and his first wife, Hannah Griffitts, in 1893 Lincoln County. Frances J died of T B in 1915 and William (known as Billy Rock) remarried. He died 1936 in Jennings County, IN.

Matilda was age 49 when she married John Norris, and she was 56 when she married W G Gooch, there were no children by either marriage. The following is my conclusion of the process by which so many Durham and Rector wound up in Lincoln County.

In 1883, Matilda Norris bought 32 acres of property on Buck Creek in Lincoln. I suspect that John Norris had died and left Matilda a little money, and since it appears she lost everything that Joe Durham left in a 1877 estate court case in Rockcastle County, now was the time to move to a new area.

By 1885, several of her offspring are marrying Lincoln County folk, so I'm speculating they moved to Lincoln County with her. Since Buck Creek is in Oaks and Kidd country, it was natural for them to marry into those lines, including my grandfather, Joseph Newman Durham, who was the youngest of the lot. He married James Franklin Oaks' daughter, Jemima, in Dec 1897 in Lincoln County, and they lived there the rest of their lives. Matilda died in Lincoln County in 1916 and is buried in Pleasant Point Cemetery."

William G. "Billy Rock" DURHAM and Francis Jane KIDD were married on 5 Apr 1893 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.28,60 Francis Jane KIDD (daughter of Daniel Jasper KIDD and Annie GRIFFIT) was born on 15 Apr 1873 in Whitley County, Kentucky.5,28,57,61 She died Pulmonary Tuberculosis on 12 Jul 1915 in Hazel Patch, Laurel County, Kentucky.5 Buried in Livingston, Kentucky. Informant listed as "W.G. Durham" of Livingston, Kentucky. William G. "Billy Rock" DURHAM and Francis Jane KIDD had the following children:



Nettie V. DURHAM was born in Aug 1893 in Kentucky.57



William Homer DURHAM.



Milford Wallace DURHAM was born on 30 Aug 1899 in Kentucky.28,56,57,58



James T. DURHAM was born about 1902 in Kentucky.28,58



Daniel C. DURHAM was born about 1904 in Kentucky.28,58



Charles C. DURHAM was born about 1907 in Kentucky.28,58



Ella F. DURHAM was born about 1909 in Kentucky.28,58



Joseph Marion DURHAM was born about 1912 in Kentucky.58,59



John E. DURHAM was born on 28 Oct 1914 in Kentucky.58,59

William G. "Billy Rock" DURHAM and Mary SUMMERS were married on 25 Sep 1916 in Jackson County, Kentucky.6,58 Mary SUMMERS was born about 1894 in Kentucky.58,59 William G. "Billy Rock" DURHAM and Mary SUMMERS had the following children:



Della DURHAM was born on 28 Nov 1917 in Rockcastle County, Kentucky. In the 1930 Census for Gibson County, Indiana - Della Durham is listed as "Stella" Durham. Birth Records for Kentucky show her name as "Della Durham".