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Third Generation

5. William DURHAM was born about 1775 in Middlesex County, Virginia.1,7,8 William Durham is listed in the 1800 Tax List for Henry County, VA along with his father Gregory Durham.

1810 Census - Surry County, North Carolina
William Durham is listed with 3 young males and 3 young females.

Court case against William Yates
Bastardy Bonds (Microfilm) Stokes County Library - Danbury, North Carolina
Transcribed by Byron K. Durham (March 3, 2012)

State N. Carolina
Stokes County

Recognized State vs William Yates
William Yates Defendant & principle agresor bound to appear at next County Court of this County to be held on the 2nd Monday in September next? & that depart with out have bound in 100 pound
William Durham
Obid Harris Luci?? bound in ... 50 pounds each
Robeson Vaugn

All the above persons to appear at Said Court Bound for the said Yates appearance at Court in the sum of fifty pounds each...
Taken & acknowledged before July 4th, 1812..
Wm Moore J.P.
Know all men by these presents, That we William Yates, Wm Durham & Obadiah Dodson are held firmly bound unto James Doer?, John Fry & John Butner, Justices of the county of Stokes and their successors in office, in the just and full sum of One hundred pounds current money: for the true payment of which, we and each of us bind ourselves our and each of our heirs, executors, and administrators, jointly, severally and firmly by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated the 15th day of September A.D. 1812.

The Condition of the above obligation is this, that whereas Peggy Bohann _____ a single woman in our said county, upon oath before two Justices of the Peace in and for said county, did in due form of law and according to the directions of an Act of General Assembly, in this case made and provided, accuse the above bounden William Yates of being the father of a bastard child, begotten of her body. Whereby he stands charged with the maintenance of said bastard, as the county court aforesaid have ordered. Now if the said William Yates shall well and truly indemnify the county court aforesaid, free from any charges for the maintenance of such bastard child, then the above obligation to be void; otherwise to remain in full force, power and virtue.
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of
Thomas Ruffin
Wm Yates (SEAL)
Obadiah Dodson (SEAL)
William Durham (SEAL)

1820 Census - Stokes County, North Carolina
William Durham is shown with 3 young males - and 2 young females. (Excluding William and his wife). Armstead Durham is living near by.

Henry County, Court Causes, Index 1899-023; Original Case Number 1055
Virginia Memory: Chancery Records Index
Transcribed by Byron K. Durham, January 5, 2012

Robert Hatcher, Alfred M. Shelton
Heir(s) of Hubbard Hatcher, dec'd

Page 22.....
To the County Court of Henry Count - Humbly complaining skewish9?) unto your worship your orators Alfred M. Shelton & James Shelton that in the day of ___ in the year of 1864 a certain Hubbard Hatcher ____of said county departed this life unmarried & intestate siezed of a small tract __ piece of land lying in the Mayo River in said county adjoing the lands of your orator A. M. Shelton & comtaining twenty three & one half acres & leaving your Orator & Judith Scales wife, of John P. Scales children of Mary Shelton dec'd, & who was a sister of said Hubbard Hatcher & Mary Marsh(?) Lucy & ____ children of Joseph Shelton who was also a son of Mary Shelton; also William Hatcher, Nancy Hatcher, Samuel Crews & Maria his wife & Polly Shelton children of Archibald Hatcher, dec'd who was a brother of said Hubbard & the child sent heirs at Law whose names are unknown of Sally Eades dec'd who was a daughter of said Archibald & also Nancy wife of Larkin burge, Betsy wife, of Hiram Vernon, Patty Yates, Austin Durham Armistead & Robert Durham children of Susan Durham, dec'd who was also a sister of said Hubbard. The nephews & nieces theirs at law of said Hubbard Hatcher. Your Orators represent that said Hubbard Hatcher died free of debt & that the said peice of land has descended to the above named nephews & nieces & the descendants of ___ of them as have died as aforesaid - of said instestate. Your orator represent & charge Mar(?) partition can not be conveniently made of said piece of land & that the insterest of all the parties concerned will be from ___ by a sale of the entire subject & a distribution of the proceeds thereof among ___ enlisted thereto & that the divident of not party in interst will exceed the value of three hundred dollars.

William DURHAM and Susannah "Susan" HATCHER were married on 15 Jan 1796 in Henry County, Virginia.1 Henry County, Virginia Marriages, 1778-1849

Jan. 15, 1796 Durham, William, and Susanah Hatcher.
Henry County, Virginia, Marriage Bonds, 1778-1849, page 15

William Durham <https://familysearch.org/pal:/MM9.1.1/XRV7-76N>
Virginia Marriages, 1785-1940

marriage: 15 Jan 1796, Henry, Virginia
spouse: Susannah Hatcher

groom's name: William Durham
bride's name: Susannah Hatcher
marriage date: 15 Jan 1796
marriage place: , Henry, Virginia
indexing project (batch) number: M86876-8
system origin: Virginia-VR
source film number: 0031988

Susannah "Susan" HATCHER (daughter of Archibald HATCHER and Mary HUBBARD) was born about 1778 in Henry County, Virginia.4 In the 1850 Census for Stokes County, North Carolina (Peters Creek), Susan Durham, age 75 is listed in the household of Austin Durham, age 48, and wife Pena (Shelton), age 48.

Henry County, Court Causes, Index 1899-023; Original Case Number 1055
Virginia Memory: Chancery Records Index

Transcribed by Byron K. Durham, January 5, 2012

Robert Hatcher, Alfred M. Shelton
Heir(s) of Hubbard Hatcher, dec'd

EXCERPT from 58 page file....
.......Susan Hatcher was a sister of Hubbard Hatcher. She married William Durham, and she and her busband died many years ago leaving issue(?) as follows, Armstead Durham and Robert Durham were two sons who died leaving children whose names are unknown; Polly Campbell and Betsy Vernon daughters of Susan Durham died leaving children whose names are unknown; Nancy Burge a daughter of Susan Durham died and left the following children James M. Burge, Robert Burge and Susan Burge; Austin Durham was a son of Susan Durham & died having the following children, A. M. Durham, A. H. Durham & Jane Simmons. William DURHAM and Susannah "Susan" HATCHER had the following children:



Mary "Polly" DURHAM.






Penelope Nancy DURHAM.



Armistead DURHAM.



Elizabeth "Betsy" DURHAM.



Austin DURHAM.



John Robert DURHAM.



Mary "Polly" DURHAM.