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Fourth Generation

43. William Henderson DURHAM was born in Jan 1814 in place unknown.16,55,60,61,62 He died after 1900 in Jeffersonville, Tazewell County, Virginia.60 From the research of Byron K. Durham.......

William H. Durham and wife Phoebe (Lawson) first appear in the 1850 census for Mount Airy, Surry County, NC. William's occupation is listed as "Honeymaker". There are two other Durham listings in Mount Airy - the families of Henry Durham and Nancy Durham. There is an elderly lady living with Nancy Durham, named Sally (Sarah) Durham, age 64. Sarah "Sally" Durham is listed near Henry Durham in the 1840 Census for Patrick County, Virginia. I believe this - Sarah "Sally" Durham to be William H. Durham's mother. William's oldest son, James M. Durham lists on his marriage record that he was born in Patrick County, VA around 1845/46. William H. Durham is most likely listed in the household of Sarah Durham in the 1840 Census for Patrick County, Va along with Nancy Durham and her two children (James M. Durham and Martha Durham).

William and Phoebe (Phebe) Durham also appear in Mount Airy, Surry County, North Carolina in the 1860 census, occupation: "Honeymaker". It is said that William and Pheobe moved from North Carolina to Wythe County, Virginia to avoid the Civil War. (My father): "My grandfather once said that his father (William) was afraid to go back to North Carolina because he felt he would be shot." Since Thomas Jackson Durham list on his marriage license that he was born in 1862 in Wythe County, VA - then William and Pheobe left North Carolina sometime around 1861.

The 1870 Census for Grayson County, VA shows William and Phoebe Durham listed in a separate location than their children. William H. Durham's occupation is listed as "works on shoes". All of William and Phoebe's children are listed in the household of their oldest daughter Sarah J. Durham (occupation: seamstress). There is a baby listed in Sarah's household named "George W. Hicks" born 1869. Sarah J. Durham and her siblings are located 3 pages earlier in the same census as William and Phoebe Durham. William and Phoebe's oldest son - James M. Durham marries Mary Jane Davis, daughter of Church O. and Mariah Davis, in 1866 in Grayson County, VA. James M. Durham dies before the 1870 census. James' wife Mary Jane would later remarry to Phreling Shupe around 1872.

The 1880 Census for Tazewell County, Virginia shows William and Phoebe Durham listed with Victoria Durham and Thomas J. Durham, as well as two grandchildren - George W. (Wiley Hicks) Durham, age 11, and Mag (or May) age 9. William H. Durham's occupation is listed as "bootmaker" and he is listed as 68 years old. Alexander Durham is listed close by with wife Mary (Wiles).

On September 28, 1891, a "Jane Derham" purchased 86-3/4 acres from J. W. Maxwell and wife Pamelia for Fifty Dollars. The land was adjacent to Dr. Gross's land in Tazewell, VA. (NOTE: I believe that "Jane Durham" is Mary Jane Lawson, daughter of Pleasant Madison & Matilda Lawson, who married Warren Henderson Durham, son of William H. & Phoebe Durham)

On Octobert 5, 1895, "M. Jane Durham" and W.H. Durham, "her husband" sells 68-3/4 acres to J. R. Puckett (James Raleigh Puckett) for $50 down and $150 to be paid monthly in $25 installments. James Raleigh Puckett, in 1900 marries William H. & Phoebe Durham's daughter, Victoria Durham.

William H. Durham, age 86, last appears in the 1900 Census for Tazewell County, Virginia as a "widower" - listed with his daughter Victoria and her two children: Mary Jane Durham and Benjamin Franklin Durham. William H. Durham is listed in 1900 as "O"- owning his own "H"- house, "F"- free of mortgage and able to "read" and "write". Victoria is listed as "single" in this census. The marriage certificates of both children show Victoria to be their mother. NO FATHER IS LISTED. Victoria and her children all marry into the Puckett family. Victoria married James Rawley Puckett on 15 August 1900. Her daughter Mary Jane Durham married Rawley Puckett's brother John Puckett on 26 June 1904. 14 days after Victoria married James Rawley Puckett, Benjamin Franklin Durham married Mary Jane Puckett on 29 Aug 1900. Mary Jane Puckett was James Rawley Puckett's daughter from a previous marriage with Sally Sawyers. Also, James Rawley Puckett's daughter "Lyda Puckett" married George Wiley Melvin, a son of Victoria's sister - Susan Elizabeth Durham who married Andrew Melvin in 1872 - Mercer County, West Virginia.

William H. Durham is believed to be buried in the Greever Cemetery in Tazewell, Virginia in an unmarked grave. I have not found the paper work to verify this. William's wife Phoebe (Lawson) Durham is believed to be buried in the Broyles Cemetery in Monroe County, West Virginia. I have been to the Broyles Cemetery in Monroe County, outside of Lindside, West Virginia and have not found any evidence of Pheobe being buried in this cemetery. (NOTE: It is most likely that William and Phoebe are buried somewhere on the 68-3/4 acres that was purchase by "Jane Derham" in 1891 and later sold to James Rawley Puckett in 1895. More research is needed.)

William Henderson DURHAM and Phoebe LAWSON were married about 1844.16 Phoebe's last name "Lawson" comes from the death certificates of Thomas Jackson Durham, Nancy Ann (Durham) Catron, and Alexander Durham.

It is also rumored that Phoebe (Lawson) Durham is buried in the Broyles Cemetery in Lindside, WV (Monroe County). This has not been confirmed. Phoebe LAWSON16 was born about 1816 in place unknown.55,61,62 Phoebe Lawson's maiden name comes from the death certificates of her children - Nancy A. (Durham) Catron, Alexander Durham, and Thomas Jackson Durham. One certificate states that Phoebe was born in Smyth County, VA, while another says "Surry County, NC.

Phoebe Lawson's parents may be James and Nancy (Hurt) Lawson who moved his family from Patrick County, to Tazewell County, Virginia around the 1840s. William and Phoebe's oldest children are named - James, Sarah, and Nancy.

It is interesting to note: Mary (Durham) Puckett, daughter of Victoria Durham, is living next door to Wilkerson Lawson in the 1910 census for Tazewell County, VA. Wilkerson Lawson is a son of Pleasant M. Lawson and Matilda Lawson. Pleasant M. Lawson is a son of James Lawson and Nancy Hurt. William Henderson DURHAM and Phoebe LAWSON had the following children:



James Madison DURHAM.



Sarah J. DURHAM.



Robert DURHAM was born about 1849 in Mount Airy, Surry County, North Carolina.16 He died between 1850 and 1860 in Mount Airy, Surry County, North Carolina.



Nancy Ann DURHAM.



Susan Elizabeth (Eliza) DURHAM.



Mildred DURHAM was born about 1854 in Mount Airy, Surry County, North Carolina.55 Mildred does not appear in the 1870 census. She may have married or died.



Warren Henderson DURHAM.



Victoria H. DURHAM.



Alexander T. H. DURHAM.



Thomas Jackson DURHAM.