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Third Generation

6. William DURHAM was born about 1760 in North Carolina.2,6 He died about 1822 in Warren County, North Carolina.2,6 Warren County, North Carolina - Contributor, Pat Vincent 2002
Sumner Co. TN - Estate of William Durham - 1827

Tennessee - Chronology - N through W - History

1826 - "To the worshipful County Court of Sumner County now in session.

The humble petition of John Durham, William Durham, James Durham, Henry Durham, Thomas Durham, Joseph Mason and his wife Susan Mason & William Smith guardian of Henderson Durham, Gatewood Durham, Nancy Durham, & Betsey Durham, children of Samuel Durham, deceased, all heirs of William Durham, deceased.

Sheweth, That William Durham died, sometime ago in Sumner County and left at his death six sons & four daughters. His sons were John Durham, William Durham, James Durham, Henry Durham, Samuel Durham & Thomas Durham. His daughters were Polly SHERRING, wife of Thomas SHERRING, Nancy O'Rear, wife of William O'Rear, Patsy Moody, wife of Dinning Moody, and Susan Mason, wife of Joseph Mason. The said Samuel Durham is now dead and William Smith is guardian to his four children Henderson Durham, Gatewood Durham, Nancy Durham, and Betsey Durham. The said William Durham, deceased, died seized of two tracts of land, lying in Sumner County the one containing three hundred acres and the other two hundred acres. The tract of three hundred acres was bought of Etheldred Bunn and is bounded as follows: It begins at a black walnut; thence running South, two hundred and ten poles to a black oak; thence West two hundred and thirty poles to a large popular on James Power's East boundary now Edmund Browning's; thence running with said line North two hundred and ten poles to a stake; thence East two hundred and thirty poles to the beginning. The tract of two hundred acres was bought from Thomas McGuire and is bounded as follows: It begins at a double sugar tree standing on the East boundary line of John Donohue's old survey running East two hundred and forty five poles to pointers formerly a dogwood and beech; thence South one hundred and eighty eight poles to a small white oak; thence North eighty four degrees, West fifty one poles to a mark; thence North forty five degrees, West sixty two poles to a pawpa; thence North sixty five degrees, West one hundred & twenty poles to the East boundary line of Donohoe's old survey now owned by Barry; thence North with the said line to the beginning.

Sumner Co TN Lawsuit #6986 records the names of the children and some grandchildren of William Durham (Jr.)who died in 1822. William's land was being divided in this court record. Some of the children had remained in NC or lived elsewhere when their father died, requiring notices to be published in newspapers. Lee A. Absher's listing of Wm Durham's children in "Early Settlers in Upper Sumner Co" is erroneous and has thrown searchers off for years. I was lucky enough to run across a researcher who KNEW and he pointed me in the right direction.

The following are the children of Wm Durham who were given lots in the division of Wm's land: John, William, James, Thomas, Henry, Samuel, Polly wife of Thomas Sherring , NANCY WIFE OF WILLIAM O'REAR, Patsy wife of Dinnon Moody, and Susan wife of Joseph Mason.

Wm's son Samuel Durham was deceased when the record was made and his children were named for his legacy: Henderson, Gatewood, Betsy, Nancy. Please, do not take my word---order the records for yourself so that you can be sure of your proof---if we all checked sources before sharing, there would be less false information floating around the net.

From: Ronald Mason <rond.mason@gmail.com>
Date: November 10, 2009
To: Byron K Durham <bdurham@mountainsidemedia.com

Subject: John Durham

Col. Mason died July 3, 1852, Judge Cureton in 1854; Judge Durham in 1862; Matthew Hubbert in about 1852; Alexander McGlothin in 1857; John O. Burton in about 1852; Price McMurty in 1854; Miller Lee in about 1854 or 1855; D. K. McClure in 1856; Geo. W. Hampton about 1859; A. S. Harlin about 1867; John McClure as old setter, about the year 1873 or 1874; Elias Ferguson in 1866 or 1867; Judge Elias Oldham about 1851; John Logan about 1856."

WILLIAM3 DURHAM, JR. (WILLIAM2, SAMUEL1) was born 1750 in Prince William, Virginia, and died Aft. 1820 in Sumner County, Tennessee. He married SUSANNA SHEARIN Abt. 1775, daughter of JOHN SHEARIN and LUCRETIA SHEARIN. She was born Abt. 1756, and died in Warren County, North Carolina.

8. i. HENRY4 DURHAM, b. 1786, North Carolina; d. August 11, 1862, Crittenden County, Kentucky.
ii. JOHN DURHAM, b. 1777, North Carolina; d. 1862, Barry County, MO; m. ANN SENTER, August 16, 1797, Warren County, North Carolina; b. 1780, Virginia; d. Aft. 1850, MO.
9. iii. WILLIAM DURHAM III, b. 1776, North Carolina; d. Bef. 1856, Sumner County, Tennessee.
10. iv. JAMES DURHAM, b. March 10, 1786, Warren County, North Carolina; d. September 05, 1856, Summer County, Tennessee.
11. v. THOMAS DURHAM, b. May 13, 1791, Warren, North Carolina; d. May 07, 1843, Sumner County, Tennessee.
12. vi. SAMUEL DURHAM, b. Abt. 1790, North Carolina; d. Bef. 1822, Sumner County, Tennessee.
13. vii. SUSAN DURHAM, b. 1796, North Carolina; d. Bef. 1883, Sumner County, Tennessee.
viii. MARY DURHAM, m. THOMAS SHEARING, April 05, 1806, Warren County, North Carolina.
x. MARTHA DURHAM, m. DINNING MOODY, November 20, 1811, Sumner County,Tennesse.

Page 4 - 1860 Census - Sugar Creek Twp., Barry Co., MO, Post Office Washburn Prairie
Name, Age, Where Born, Gender 359. 350. John Durham, 82, Farmer, N. C. Male (born: 1777) Ann Durham, 80, Virginia, Female (born: 1780) William Senter, 21, Attend School, Tenn., Male (born: 1839)

Ronald D Mason

William DURHAM and Susanna SHEARIN were married about 1785 in North Carolina.6 Susanna SHEARIN (daughter of John SHEARIN and Lucretia (UNKNOWN)) was born in 1756 in Granville, Warren County, North Carolina.2 She died in Warren County, North Carolina. William DURHAM and Susanna SHEARIN had the following children:



Martha "Patsey" DURHAM.



Mary "Polly" DURHAM.



William DURHAM.















Samuel DURHAM.



Thomas DURHAM.