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Fifth Generation

69. Harrison DURHAM was born on 28 Jun 1813 in Jackson County, Indiana.3,74,76,77,78 He died on 8 Dec 1886 in Indiana.3 HISTORY OF JACKSON COUNTY
Pages 648-649

HARRISON DURHAM was born in 1813, in Mercer County, Ky. His father, Jesse B. Durham, and his mother, came to Indiana in 1811, during the existence of frontier troubles with the Indians, and Jesse B. was commander of the fort at Vallonia. Harrison, however, was born in Kentucky by reason of his mother going back to that place on account of possible danger from the Indians, but as soon as her infant was old enough to travel she returned to the fort, traveling on horseback and carrying the babe, her husband walking. His parents lived many years in the fort and after peace was declared continued to live in that vicinity where Harrison was raised. He spent his life mainly in farming pursuits and that of blacksmithing. He was justice of the peace for four years in the township in which he was raised. In 1838 he was married to Miss Lucinda Owen, of Brownstown, who died in 1842. To them were born three children: George, Sarah and Lucinda. In the latter part of 1842 he was again married to Maloma Rose, who died in 1856. To them were born five children: Elvira, Lucy, Kate, Samuel and Jesse B. In 1857, he was married the third time, taking Miss Elizabeth Cockram as his companion. To this union were born five children: Savilla, Effie, Lilly, Franklin and Charles. Mr. Durham is a member of the Masonic fraternity and the Methodist Episcopal Church. He is a Democrat in politics.

Harrison DURHAM and Lucinda OWEN were married on 16 Jan 1838 in Jackson County, Indiana.75,79 Lucinda OWEN was born on 3 Nov 1820 in Jackson County, Indiana.3 Harrison DURHAM and Lucinda OWEN had the following children:



George DURHAM.



Sarah E. DURHAM was born about 1841 in Indiana.74



Lucinda DURHAM.

Harrison DURHAM and Melvina ROSE were married on 22 Dec 1842 in Jackson County, Indiana.75,79 Melvina ROSE was born on 19 Nov 1822 in Jackson County, Indiana.3,74 She died on 18 Apr 1855 in Indiana.3 Harrison DURHAM and Melvina ROSE had the following children:



Elvira DURHAM.



Lucy Ellen DURHAM.



Samuel Morris "Sam" DURHAM.



Jesse Benton DURHAM was born on 30 Nov 1850 in Jackson County, Indiana.3 He died on 21 Nov 1859 in Jackson County, Indiana.3



Kate Mahabeth DURHAM was born on 6 Jan 1853 in Jackson County, Indiana.3,76,77

Harrison DURHAM and Elizabeth COCHRON were married on 24 Mar 1856 in Jackson County, Indiana.3,76 Elizabeth COCHRON was born about 1835 in Indiana.3,76,77,78 Harrison DURHAM and Elizabeth COCHRON had the following children:



Savilla DURHAM was born on 5 Jul 1857 in Jackson County, Indiana.3,76,77 Savilla Durham may belong to Harrison Durham and wife Elizabeth. More research is needed.






Frankie DURHAM was born on 28 Dec 1868 in Jackson County, Indiana.3 He died on 28 Aug 1869 in Jackson County, Indiana.3



Lillie DURHAM was born about 1871 in Indiana.78



Charles "Charley" DURHAM.