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Seventh Generation

269. George Marion DURHAM was born on 14 Feb 1869 in Casey County, Kentucky.16,50,83,181,182,183 He died Congestive Heart Failure with Arterioschlerosis on 11 Aug 1946 in Dallas, Texas.83 Buried in Restland Cemetery in Dallas, Texas. Informant at death listed as "Mrs. J. H. Culberson". Occupation: Lumber Inspector
From: "Linda Lowe" lindalowe@windstream.net
Date: September 12, 2011 4:38:59 PM EDT
To: bdurham@mountainsidemedia.com
Subject: Casey County, KY, Durham Family

Dear Byron,
Recently, I went on line and keyed in Quintilla Durham and saw your last posting on Quintilla in the Ancestor.com family pages. As a result of your posting on Quintilla, I thought it necessary to provide this info to you. It has been some time since we have corresponded. Just prior to my move to the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas from the Dallas/Ft. Worth area about four years ago, you helped locate my GGrandfather George Marion Durham from Casey County, KY. His burial was in Dallas, TX with his second wife Ella Frances Wolf Durham.

Since that time, I have found additional information as to who my Grandmother’s Mother truly was. On an old envelope from about 1968, I penned the name of my Grandmother’s Mother as given to me by my Grandmother, Eunice Lillian Durham Simpson. That name was Elgie Williams Durham. When I keyed it into Google, out came the Casey County information.

I have also telephoned and spoken with James Durham, a Professional Photographer, in Liberty, KY (whom I believe you know). Additionally, I have spoken with another James Durham in Liberty who is a retired/disabled heavy equipment operator.

The first James is a Professional Photographer and helped me immensely by providing a Disk copied from the Library in Liberty containing much information on the Durham family. It is great and shows that George Marion Durham (my GGrandfather) was the first husband of Elgie Durham(born 2 Sep 1874) daughter of Quintilla Durham who was the daughter of Coleman Durham (?). At least Quintilla was shown in the 1860 census as a three year old in Coleman Durham’s house. The second James Coleman told me verbally that Quintilla was full blooded Indian. ( Don’t know, but would like to.) This James said he would call me back but never did. He supposedly has a great deal of Durham family information which his mother had documented for years and left to him.

Back to George Marion and Elgie Durham. It appears that Coleman Durham and Milton H. Durham (George Marion’s father) were brothers and Coleman being several years older than Milton. Milton H. went to the Civil War and served in the First Kentucky Cavalry as a Private in Company A, a Union Regiment under the 13th Army Corps. Always thought I was dyed in the wool Confederate, but oh well! My wife is threatening divorce because of it!!!!

When Milton H. returned from the war, he married Permilla Slone(sp?) and one of the children they had was George Marion, my GGrandfather, born 14 Feb, 1869. Then George married Elgie on 25 Sep 1890 (according to a posting which quoted Marvice Williams, a son of Quintilla Williams Durham—Book 2, Page 123 Casey County Marriages- I have not seen this documentation).

George Marion and Elgie had the following children: 1. Eunice Lillian Durham Simpson 2. Ruth Durham 3. Ulisses 4. Ewart 5. Hulbert.

It appears that George Marion and Elgie were married and lived together for about nine or ten years since Hulbert was apparently in the womb when they went their separate ways. In the 1900 Census Elgie is shown with George Huston as her husband (Logan Brown having been in the picture somewhere between times or after, I guess). Elgie and George Huston had a daughter named Mabel and another daughter who died young named Myrtle. The fifth child of George Durham and Elgie (?) was Hulbert and apparently raised by George Huston and Elgie.

According to the information from Marvice Williams, Elgie was married to Logan M. Brown 18 Dec 1902- Casey County Marriage Records, Book 3, Page 175.

George Marion Durham (a teacher) and Ella Frances Wolf Durham show up in the 1900 census in another county in KY on the TN border, and with my Grandmother and her siblings. What a circus!! George Marion was in Faulkner County, AR by 1907 time frame or a bit earlier and was a lumber inspector.

If this does not make any sense to you, you can telephone me at my land line (870)326-4398 or cell (817)913-3018. We will work through it.

GOD Bless you and your family.

Charles Lowe

George Marion DURHAM and Elgie Williams DURHAM were married on 25 Sep 1890 in Casey County, Kentucky.52,181 Not 100% sure that this is the correct marriage date:

G. M. Durham
Elzie Durham
25 Sept 1890 in Casey County, Kentucky

More research is needed. Elgie Williams DURHAM (daughter of ??????? (UNKNOWN) and Quintilla DURHAM) was born on 2 Sep 1875 in Casey County, Kentucky.50,53,58,167 She died Carcinoma of left breast on 26 Feb 1934 in Lincoln County, Kentucky.18 Buried in McKinney, Kentucky. Informant listed as "George Houston" of McKinney, Kentucky. The death certificate of Elgie (Durham) Houston in Lincoln County, Kentucky, shows her parents as "Coleman Durham" and Quintilla Williams. The 1880 Census shows Elgie, age 4, living in the household of Coleman Durham and Artismia (Perkins). Elgie is listed as "grand-daughter". There is also and Arthur Durham, age 11 months - who is listed as "grand-son". Quintilla Durham, age 23, a daughter of Coleman and Artisma Durham, later marries John T. Williams. This may be where the "Quintilla Williams" came from on the death certificate. Elgie (Durham) Houston is actually the daughter of Quintilla Durham.

Elgie (Durham) Houston, age 35, and listed as "married twice" is listed as wife to George Houston in the 1910 Census for Casey County, Kentucky. Elgie and George Houston are listed as married for 4 years. Hulbert Durham, age 10, is listed as "step-son" to George Houston. More research is needed. George Marion DURHAM and Elgie Williams DURHAM had the following children:



Eunice Lillian DURHAM.



Rutha J. DURHAM.



Ulysses G. DURHAM was born in Aug 1895 in Kentucky.181



Ewart Gladstone DURHAM.



Goerth? M. DURHAM was born in Jul 1899 in Tennessee.181



Hulbert Fane DURHAM was born on 31 Jan 1900 in Casey County, Kentucky.59

George Marion DURHAM and Ella Frances WOLF were married. Ella Frances WOLF56 (daughter of Daniel WOLF and Harriet T. (UNKNOWN)) was born on 17 Apr 1865 in Piqua, Ohio.83,181,182,183 She died Coronary Occlusion on 20 Nov 1943 in Dallas, Texas.83 Buried in Restland Cemetery in Dallas, Texas. Informant at death listed as "Mrs. J. H. Culberson". George Marion DURHAM and Ella Frances WOLF had the following children:



Hilda Flora DURHAM.



Daniel Harrison DURHAM was born on 16 Dec 1912 in Arkansas.81,182,183 He died Pulmonary Tuberculosis on 26 Oct 1937 in Dallas, Dallas County, Texas.81 Buried in Restland Cemetery. Informant at death listed as "S. M. Durham" of 3208 Colonial Avenue. Occupation: Photographer