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Ninth Generation

1056. Margaret Ethel DURHAM was born in Oct 1893 in Missouri.38,288,289

Margaret Ethel DURHAM and Benjamin Silas DURHAM were married on 28 May 1910 in Moberly, Randolph County, Missouri.289 Benjamin Silas DURHAM (son of Benjamin Franklin DURHAM and Mary Catherine DURHAM) was born on 28 May 1888 in Kirksville, Adair County, Missouri.38,59,288,289 He died on 11 Aug 1980 in Des Moines, Iowa. ***Benjamin Silas Durham may or may NOT be the son of Benjamin Franklin Durham and Mary Catherine Durham. (More research is needed).

In the 1900 Census for Randolph County, Missouri (Jackson - District 131), Ben H. Durham, age 12 (b. May 1888, Missouri), is listed as "son" in the household of "Mary Durham", age 48 (b. March 1852, Ohio), and "widowed". Mary is listed as having only 1 child and only 1 child was still living. Two households away is "Dan Durham" (George Daniel Durham, son of Joseph Hayden Durham), and wife, Emma, with their family.

Occupation in 1930 Marion County, Iowa - Coal Miner.
Additional NOTES:

Laurel Durham to Byron Durham (FACEBOOK)

I agree--things aren't quite right. I will look on my paper copies of the family genealogy, but until that time, check out this link: http://nealmanor.com/Durham/ColemanDurhamII.htm#top
It speculates that Benjamin Franklin Durham (02/06/1849... Randolph County - 02/12/1918 Bolivar, MO) & Mary Catherine Smith (daughter of James & Jane Coleman Durham) might have divorced or separated but she listed herself as widowed in the census. It is possible that she then went on to marry a second time, as did he. If this were the case, then all of your info above is correct. Lucretia is Nancy Lucretia, but I'm sure you already know this. Benjamin S. (5/21/1888 Kirksville, Adair County, MO - 11/8/1980 Des Moines) married Margaret Ethel (10/29/1893 Ardmore, MO - 8/11/1980 Des Moines) on 5/28/1910 and had 6 kids. It only shows a single son born to Benjamin F. & Mary Smith, that being Benjamin S. Durham.

From: Byron Durham to Laurel Durham (FACEBOOK)

Interesting!! Thanks for the link. It appears the writer of the website did not include Benjamin S. Durham as one of Benjamin Franklin Durham and Mary Catherine Durham's children.

The Mary Durham, (b. Mar 1852 - Ohio) listed in Randolph Co...unty, MO, is shown as "widowed" and only having 1 child - Benjamin S. Durham (actually listed as "Ben H. Durham", b. May 1888, Missouri, in 1900);

At the same time "Mary C Durham", (b. Mar 1853 - Missouri) is shown as married to Zachary T. Durham for 10 years in the 1900 Macon County, MO census. She is listed as having 7 children with 5 still living. The Milton E. Durham, b. April 1895, appears to be a child of Zachary T. and Mary C. Durham.

At a glance, one would think that the two "Marys" are two different people, with a lot of similarities.

From: Laurel Durham to Byron Durham (FACEBOOK)

Byron, I checked the paper copies compiled by several of my relatives and everything pretty much is the same, but here is some additional info: Benjamin Franklin Durham married Mary Smith on 8/29/1867 (marriage documented in Casey County, KY records). Dan & Emma Durham moved to Iowa approx. 1916 and brought the whole family with them. My grandmother's notes and the fact that one of their kids (Hank or possibly known as Henry L.) was born in Jacksonville, Missouri on 12/28/1915 confirm this. Benjamin Franklin & Mary Smith Durham's son, Benjamin Silas Durham, was born 5/21/1888 in Kirksville, MO, died on 8/11/1980 in Des Moines (of which he was a resident for 37 years) of a heart ailment and married Margaret Ethel on 5/28/1910 in Moberly, MO. I have a copy of his obit, which confirms most of these details. Another relative had added notes in the paper genealogy that Benjamin Silas had a sister May and a brother Henry, but I cannot confirm this. She also indicated that Benjamin Silas's mother was Mary Adeline Smith. We have Mary Catherine Smith, so I don't know which is correct. He is buried in Chapel Hill Gardens. They had 6 kids (Myrtelle b. 1911, Hank or poss. Henry L. b. 1915, Daniel Herman b. 1918, Marjorie or Margaret b. 1921, Harold b. 1924, and Harry b. 1926). The obit states Henry L. (not Hank) and Margaret (not Marjorie). Margaret Ethel was still living at the time of his death, so I would assume the details are pretty much correct. They must have been in love because they died within months of each other:)
Margaret Ethel DURHAM and Benjamin Silas DURHAM had the following children:



Myrtle DURHAM.



Henry "Hank?" L. DURHAM.



Daniel Herman DURHAM.



Margaret DURHAM.



Harold DURHAM.