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Fourth Generation

157. Speed Taylor DURHAM was born on 1 Mar 1876 in Clay County, Kentucky.11,13,36,41,83,84,85 From: zig <boogityz@yahoo.com>
To: BYRON DURHAM <bdurham@mountainsidemedia.com>

Subject: Re: Durham family research re. Durham William and Catherine lineage

Hi Byron sorry for the omission. Speed Durham's 1st wife was Rosa Cox who must have passed and left him a widower sometime before the1900 census, his 2nd wife was Rosa Brock who was the mother of his children and my father's mother, his 3rd wife was Samantha and I've never known her name before their marriage, she was actually the only grandmother I knew on my father's side as his mother Rosa had passed before I was born. BTW if you happen to have information as to Samantha's last name. I would appreciate having that knowledge. I always knew her as "Smanthi".

Regards Michael W. Durham

Speed Taylor DURHAM and Samantha (UNKNOWN) were married.

Speed Taylor DURHAM and Rosa COX were married before 1900. Rosa COX died before 1900. Speed S. Durham is listed in the 1900 Census for Bell County, Kentucky as "widowed".

Speed Taylor DURHAM and Rosa BROCK were married about 1900 in Kentucky.41 Rosa BROCK (daughter of John BROCK) was born about 1881 in Clay County, Kentucky.21,41,83,84 She died Pelagra on 21 May 1932 in Bell County, Kentucky.21 Speed Taylor DURHAM and Rosa BROCK had the following children:



Ellen DURHAM was born about 1902 in Kentucky.84



Walter DURHAM.



Taylor DURHAM was born about 1908 in Kentucky.41,83,84



Mary DURHAM was born about 1909 in Kentucky.83,84



Bonnie DURHAM was born about 1912 in Kentucky.41,83



George Okla DURHAM was born on 9 Jun 1914 in Bell County, Kentucky.21 He died Acute gastritis on 17 Jul 1914 in Bell County, Kentucky.21



Olla DURHAM died in 1914 in Reg. Dist. Bell County, Kentucky.46 She was born in 1914 in Bell County, Kentucky.46