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Fourth Generation

100. William Gooseberry "Goolsberry" DURHAM was born about 1812 in Tennessee.14,16,23 William Goosebury "Goolsberry" Durham may possibly be a son of Henry Durham and Jane Richardson. More research is needed. I have placed William Goosebury "Goolsberry" Durham with William Durham and Francis Marshall, mostly because William Goosebury "Goolsberry" and wife Malinda name one of their sons, Francis Goosebury Durham.

On Dec 16, 2009, at 10:43 PM, Vicky McVey wrote:


William Gooseberry Durham and his wife Sarah Melinda Rippy are buried in the old Durham Cemetery in Sumner County, Tennessee. There is a nice tombstone which has the following: W. G. Durham born Mar. 13, 1813 died Jan. 10, 1897 "Blessed are the dead who in the Saviour died From all life's labors They shall rest on high." On the other side it says: S. M. Durham, wife of W. G. Durham born July 7, 1816 died Jan. 9, 1898 "Having finished life's duty She now sweetly rests."

On the civil war questionaire housed at the Tennessee State Archives F. G. (Francis Gooseberry) Durham lists his father as "W. G. Durham" who "was born in the country about 2 miles from Bethpage in the county of Sumner Co. state of Tennessee. He lived at about 3 miles of the place where he was borned the rest of his life." He lists his mother as "Malindy Rippy" who was "the daughter of James Rippy". He does not remember the name of James' wife, but she lived "in Sumner Co Tenn".

When Leona Alice Doss Simpson Durham, Francis' second wife, applied for Francis (called France, but I'm not sure if this is the way he spelled it) Durham's war pension the transcription of the record records Francis' name as Francis Gooseberry Durham. I have not seen the actual document yet, only the transcription. Francis and his first wife Penelope Jane are buried in the Sulphura Cemetery in Sumner County, Tennessee. More on Leona Alice Doss Simpson Durham in another email.

When I was probably in high school I remember asking Daddy how Granddaddy Gooseberry spelled his name. Daddy was under the impression that it was Gooseberry. I have also read that in the early 1800's that "Gooseberry" was a term of endearment with the meaning of being cute. I can just imagine his parents saying, "Oh, isn't he such a little gooseberry!" I have no evidence to support this, only my vivid imagination.

It's getting late for me. More to follow later.

Vicky Durham McVey
Subject: William Goolsberry vs. Gooseberry Durham
Date: April 16, 2010
To: Byron Durham
From: Michele Durham, m.durham@comcast.net

There are four generations of Durham’s with this unusual name. First, “Uncle” Goulesbury Durham, 1790, then William Goolsberry Durham, 1812. Son of William G., Francis Gooseberry Durham, 1842, and grandson of William G., Thomas Goolsberry Durham, 1885. I’ve read some of the notes speculating on the name. This tells me a reliable document with William G. Durham’s name, clearly spelled out, does not so far exist. I also have a theory. William G. may have been named after his Uncle Goulesbury. However, his name was spelled phonetically as “Goolsberry”. William G. may have wanted to pass the name on to one of his sons, Francis. But Mama did not like the name. There was a similar name, popular at this time, Gooseberry, which William G. concedes to. John, the eighth child of William G., names his son Thomas Goolsberry, perhaps after his own father William Goolsberry.

One member of the family found it important to record the names of his grandfather’s family. That man was John Breckenridge Durham, son of James Henry Durham. This letter was among the personal belongings of William Bate Durham in California. I’m sure this letter was circulated among other members of the family still living in 1939. Attached is a scanned photo copy of the original typed October 30, 1939. He calls his grandfather… William Goolsberry Durham.
(Transcription of this attached document by Michelle Durham, is listed with William Durham who married Francis Marshall.)

William Gooseberry "Goolsberry" DURHAM and Malinda "Amanda" RIPPY were married on 16 Oct 1838 in Sumner County, Tennessee.22 Tennessee State Marriages, 1780 - 2002
William G. Durham and Malinda Rippy; October 16, 1838 (Sumner County)
by Rodney B. Durham

R. B. Durham and Mary Senter; October 16, 1838 (Sumner County)
by L. M. Woodson - William G. Durham, bondsman

(Both of these listings are listed next to each other in the Tennessee Marriage Records. It would appear that both Rodney and William Durham were married on the same day, and that William G. Durham is listed as bondsman to Rodney. I am only assuming that William and Rodney were brothers. More research is needed.) Malinda "Amanda" RIPPY was born about 1816 in Tennessee.14,16,23 William Gooseberry "Goolsberry" DURHAM and Malinda "Amanda" RIPPY had the following children:



James Henry DURHAM.



William E. DURHAM.



Francis "Franklin" Goosebury DURHAM.



Alfred DURHAM was born about 1846 in Tennessee.14,16



Susan "Sarah" Jane DURHAM.



Mary Malinda DURHAM.



Samuel Little "Sam" DURHAM.



John Franklin DURHAM.



Martha DURHAM was born about 1858 in Tennessee.16,23