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Fourth Generation

64. Rebecca Sylvia (Silviah) DURHAM was born about 1830 in Carroll County, Georgia.19 She died in Oct 1893 in Arkansas.18 Info from Earl Mullen, Jan 20, 1970
Family record of George Washington Mullen


Information taken from all family records, I have been able to find, states.(:)
Our Great Grandfather, Thomas A. Mullen, came to this country, from Cork County, Ireland. He came with his mother, and Step Father, John Smith, when he was about ten years old. His mother from (Scotland) had the maiden name of Ross.
They came to Philadelphia, and stayed a while, before coming to Arkansas, where Thomas A. Mullen met our Great Grandmother, Rebecca Durham, daughter of Grisham & Catherine Westmoreland Durham, from Georgia, who was Irish too.
While John Smith & the mother of Thomas A. Mullen were in Philadelphia a son was born to them, named Bo_Bo Smith, who later married a woman known as Aunt Lucy. And to them was born a boy, named Lacy Smith. And then the Father of Lacy Smith, died.
Then Bob Durham, the brother of our Great Grandmother, Rebecca Durham Mullen, married Aunt Lucy. And to them was born a boy named, George Durham. Then Aunt Lucy died. Then Bob Durham, married a woman known as Aunt Ella, and to them was born 2 children, named Charley Durham & Rebecca Durham. Rebecca died as a young girl.

Thomas A. & Rebecca Mullen must have settled here in Lawrence County, Arkansas about the year 1847 or 1848 as the old Farm is still here, in the Mullen Family.

Most of this taken from the family record of George Washington Mullen, by Earl Mullen, Jan. 20, 1970.

Rebecca Sylvia (Silviah) DURHAM and Thomas A. MULLEN were married on 12 Nov 1845 in Lawrence County, Arkansas.19 Thomas A. MULLEN (son of ??? ROSS) was born about 1824 in Ireland.19