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Fifth Generation

97. Dison Stephens DURHAM was born about 1836 in Pickens County, South Carolina.30,31 He died in 1862 in Corinth, Alcorn County, Mississippi. Information posted by Gary Davis - Roostweb
Gary Davis Family Tree - 12/24/2006

Died of measles while serving in the Civil War in the Confederacy. Married only three years, he left a wife and two-year-old son, William Francis Durham.
His outfit was in Corinth, Mississippi when many were struck with measles and died. Probably buried in Confederate cemetery there.

Dison Stephens DURHAM and Mary A. "Mollie" GREEN were married about 1858 in Alabama.31 Mary A. "Mollie" GREEN (daughter of William Washington GREEN and Hannah DOVER) was born about 1845 in Georgia.87 She died on 7 Apr 1921 in Comanche, Comanche County, Texas.88 Information posted by Gary Davis - Rootsweb
Gary Davis Family Tree 12/24/2006

The following account was written by Jesse Mercer Green in 1912:
H.H. (Henry Haines) married Elminia Jackson, he and his boys has put out, as specialists the famous Dropsy medicines which was discovered by uncle Jesse Green as above stated. He died at Atlanta, Georgia, at the age of 64 years, a very rich man. His family resides in Atlanta now. He was 1stLt in Alabama Regiment of volunteers in the Confederate war, and was wounded at Chickamauga, after the war he was captured and and hold a prisoner on Johnson Island in Lake Erie for 18 months until the end of the war.

A.W. (Alfred Webb) belonged to the Marines in the War. He was a railroad man and lived at Mobile, Mobile Co., AL, was killed by the cars on the Mobile and OH R.R. in 1867, and his family is lost to the family.

S.E. (Susan Elizabeth) Married Jerry Head, raised a large family and was then divorced from him, and died in Polk Co., AR and was buried at Old Antioch cemetery where father, mother, grandfather Dover and several other relatives are buried.

L.J. (Luiza Jane) married C.C. Dupre, raised a large family in Polk Co., AR, where she lives now on her farm. Dupree died several years ago.

M.A. (Mary Ann) married first Mr. Durham in Alabama. He was killed in the war, had one child, William, who lives in Comanche, Comanche Co., TX. She then Married L.T. Coker. She lives in Comanche, Comanche Co., TX, with her children, she being a widow.

L.A. (Laura Ann) married Calvin Nichols, then George Nichols, 2nd cousin to Calvin. She lives on her farm in Polk Co., AR.

C.A.L. (Celia Ann Lucinda) married A.J. Isham. They have raised a large family, all of which now live in Comanche Co., TX.

S.A. (Sarah Ann) married Alison Griffith. They both died last year in west TX, there their children now reside except Daniel, who is a Doctor in Chicago, Cook Co., IL.

W.G. (William G.) married Caroline Isham (sister of A.J.) they have a large family of children all live in Comanche Co., TX.

H.E. (Hanna Elmona) married C.C. Griffith (brother to Alison), they and their children live in west TX.

Grisham married Mattie Balthrop. They now live in Oklahoma.

J.F. (John Farrer) married Rebecca Nichols (sister to George), she died, then he married a widow lady in Atlanta where he still lives as a real estate agent.

B.M. (Benjamin McCulloch) married Lula Norris, daughter of Dr. J.A. Norris. They and their children live in Potawatamie Co., Oklahoma.

The following from WFT Vol 8 tree 2981:

The Greens kept good family records in family Bibles and in written biographies. They were staunch Baptists - mostly Primitive Baptists. They opened the wilderness with their teachings.

Father "moved from Georgia to Texas in 1866, to Comanche County. On account of sickness and the wild Indians, he became dissatisfied and only remained one year. He stopped in Harrison County (Texas) for one year, was robbed by Negroes and left there and moved to Polk County, Arkansas in 1868."

Molly Green moved in with her brother, Henry Haines Green, in Summit, Blount County, Alabama. They were next door neighbors of the Durhams. H.H. Green became a Doctor after the (Civil) war. It is said that he developed the famous "dropsy" medicine from an old Indian recipe.

Molly's husband, Dison, went into the army the same time as her brother. He died as a Confederate soldier.

Molly must have come to Comanche County with her parents. Remembered by her children as a gay, spirited individual. Walked miles to go visiting, her face completely hidden by a long poked-bonnet. She was a very tiny person.

She married a man named Coker in 1867. He had several children of his own. In years later she was left a widow again with five small children and numerous step-children.
Dison Stephens DURHAM and Mary A. "Mollie" GREEN had the following children:



William Francis M. DURHAM.