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Second Generation

6. Matthew DURHAM8 was born on 16 Jun 1760 in Orange County, North Carolina.1 He died on 3 Jan 1834 in Monroe County, Georgia. Matthew Durham (born 16 June 1760, died 3 Jan 1834); captain in a North Carolina unit; pensioned; married to Fannie Spencer. (Book Source: Durham Family History - American Genealogical Research Institute, Heritage Press, Inc. Washington, D. C. 1978)

ORANGE COUNTY, NC - BIBLES - Shelman Durham Family

III. Mathew Durham, married Fanny Spencer, who was born in Edge Districk, South Carolina on the 15 day of June 1765. They were married on January 12th 1781. She was a Baptist. She died March 26, 1831 in Monroe County, George. Their children:

1. Jonnie Durham was born Dec. 31, 1784 and died January 15, 1787.

2. Susan Durham was born April 21, 1787. Susan married George Carruthers.
She was a Baptist. She died in Washington County, Texas in June 1867.

3. John Spencer Durham was born March 11, 1789 and died June 11, 1790.

4. Mary Durham was born September 22, 1789. She married Thomas Pleasant.
They were both Baptist. She died in Corral County, Mississippi in 1868.

5. Mathew Durham was born May 27, 1793 and died October 9, 1793

6. Nancy Durham was born September 20, 1795 and died in Jones County, George, September 14, 1811

7. Seaborn Jones Durham was born November 22, 1796. He married Miss Nancy
Stovall and after her death he married Mrs. Mary George. Mrs. George was the
mother of General J. Z. George of Mississippi. He was also a U. S. Senator.

8. Sanders Walker Durham was born May 21, 1798. He was an ordained preacher. He married twice. He died in Taylor County, Georgia on June 11, 1879. He left a widow and one son, Sanders Durham. In 1903 Sanders was living in
Sherman, Texas.

9. Singleton Durham was born January 9, 1800 and died October 7, 1835, in
Monroe County, George. He had five children.

10. Saleta Durham was born March 27, 1801 and died August 21, 1801.

11. Shelman Durham was born December 6, 1803. He was baptized by Edman Talbot in Walnut Creek Church in Jones County, Georgia, the third Sabbath of June 1822, on a profession of faith of his redeemer.

12. James Jackson Durham was born at 8 o'clock A. M. Monday October 31, 1825 in Monroe County, George. He married Miss Mary Oldham in Atala County,
Mississippi. He was a Baptist and died May 6, 1893 at Dublin, Texas.

13. William Washington Durham was born in Monroe County, George. He was a
Baptist and died in Cherokee County, Texas.

14. Franklin Marion Durham was born at 3:00 A.M. January 5, 1830 in Monroe
County, George. He died in Cherokee County, Texas on December 24, 1895.

15. Susan Haselton Durham was born in 1832 and died August 20, 1857. She was a Baptist.

16. John Lafayette Durham was born Tuesday at 4 o'clock P. M. September 30,
1834 in Monroe County, Georgia. He departed this life in Alvin, Brazoria
County, Texas June 28, 1901. He was a Baptist, Mason and Odd Fellow. He died
by stomach trouble, surrounded by all of this children, whom he told he was
going home to Jesus. He was Flag Bearer in the Battle of Gettyburg where he
received a wound which resulted in the loss of his right arm. He served in
the Confederate Army.

17. Elizabeth Pollard Durham was born Sunday December 18, 1836 in Nesbobu
County, Mississippi. She married Simon Tims. She was a Baptist.

18. Mathew Lenard Durham was born Friday at 11:30 P. M. October 11, 1842 in
Atala County, Mississippi. He was in the Confederate Army and was killed in
the battle of Sarsburg in Maryland in 1863.

19. Cornitta Francis Durham was born Friday at 4:00 A. M. October 11, 1844 in
Atala County, Mississippi. She died August 17, 1856.

Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements & Rosters
Pension application of Matthew Durham S32224 fn38NC
Transcribed by Will Graves 3/16/10

[Methodology: Spelling, punctuation and/or grammar have been corrected in some instances for ease of reading and to facilitate searches of the database. Also, the handwriting of the original scribes often lends itself to varying interpretations. Users of this database are urged to view the original and to make their own decision as to how to decipher what the original scribe actually wrote. Blanks appearing in the transcripts reflect blanks in the original. Folks are free to make non-commercial use this transcript in any manner they may see fit, but please extend the courtesy of acknowledging the transcriber-besides, if it turns out the transcript contains mistakes, the resulting embarrassment will fall on the transcriber.]
State of Georgia of Monroe County

On this 23rd day of September 1832 personally appeared in open Court, before the honorable Christopher B. Strong Judge of the Superior Court of said County of Monroe now sitting Matthew Durham a resident of the State and County aforesaid aged seventy-two years, who being first duly sworn according to law doth on his oath make the following declaration, in order to obtain the benefit of the act of Congress passed June seventh, 1832.

That he entered the service of the United States under the following named officers and served as herein stated. That he was drafted in Orange County North Carolina for a tour of five months in aid of South Carolina, and rendezvoused at Hillsboro NC on the seventh November 1778 under Captain Joseph Young and Regiment commanded by Colonel James Sanders, and marched from Hillsboro by Guilford Court house to Salisbury in Rowan County NC where the Regiment joined the brigade under command of General Rutherford: from Salisbury the brigade then marched on through Charlotte in North Carolina and on to Camden SC and to the ten mile house near Charleston and thence to Purrysburg on the Savannah River and thence about twenty miles above Purrysburg to a place called the Sister ferry [sic, Two Sisters Ferry] where the brigade was stationed for some time, and where the brigade was visited by General Lincoln & suit [?]: and then marched still higher up the River to a place called Mathews Bluff, and had just arrived at that place when the battle at Brier Creek began on the Georgia side about four miles off, where General Ash [sic, John Ashe] was defeated, the firing was distinctly heard, and General Ashe arrived in General Rutherford's camp before the firing ceased, the brigade marched back to the Sister ferry and the balance of the term of service was spent in keeping guard and patrolling up and down the Savannah River until the 10th day of April when the brigade started back to North Carolina and applicant was discharged at Hillsboro NC on the 1st May 1779 as appears from the discharge hereto annexed -- in the month of March 1781 Claimant was acting as Lieutenant of the Militia, and was ordered by General Butler [John Butler] to make a draft which was done, and whilst Claimant was engaged on this duty he left his beast at his father's, and went off to lie secure during the night, and before he returned in the morning his beast was taken by the Tories. The coming on of the British put a stop to the collection of Troops, and Claimant attempted to join General Butler, but was unable to do [so] by reason that the country between where he set out from and the American Army, was occupied by the British and Tories. Claimant was in hearing of the battle of Guilford but was unable to join the Army either under Butler or General Green [sic, Nathanael Greene] this little term of service did not last longer than ten days and covers the time referred to in the annexed certificate signed by John Steel.

About the tenth of July 1781 as near as applicant can remember he volunteered as Lieutenant which command he then held for a three months tour in Captain Watson's company and Colonel Wootton's [Wooten's ?] Regiment, and marched again through Guilford to Salisbury where the Captain (Watson) was taken from the company on account of his belonging to the regular Army. We then marched on through Charlotte to Camden, at Camden the Regiment encamped and was reported to General Greene, and on the 22nd day of August claimant, being a supernumerary Captain, was discharged as appears from the annexed discharge of that date, and was taken sick on the road, and was not able to get home until after the three months had expired -- in the month of November after Claimant's return home as above stated, he substituted in the place of his brother William Durham in Captain Douglass's troop of horse to serve an unexpired term of one month and a half in joining the Company Claimant received the appointment of Ensign of the horse, and served in that capacity until the end of the term of service, this month and a half was spent in securing the Counties of Orange and Chatham for outliers and Tories -- After the expiration of the above term claimant again substituted in the same Company in the place of his brother Thomas Durham who was a married man and had a family to provide for, for a three months tour in the company of horse, and claimant continued to feel the appointment of Ensign of horse, and this term of service was spent in scouring the Country in pursuit of the Tories, and in guarding against the encroachments of Colonel Fannin [sic, David Fanning] and his forces, who was then infesting that section of Country, the last mentioned term expired in the spring of the year 1782, and some few months thereafter, Claimant joined the State Troops of North Carolina as an Ensign in Captain Jones's Company in Colonel Lewis's Regiment of infantry in Chatham County for eight months being in unexpired part of a 12 months tour, and of the eight months for which Claimant entered, he served as near as he can remember four months, when he received permission, and the soldiers were furloughed to go home until further orders, and Claimant was never again called into the service, this last mentioned tour was devoted to the same kind of service as his last preceding: applicant was born as he believes and has always understood in Orange County North Carolina on the 16th of June 1760 -- he has a record of his age copied from his father's record -- when called into service he lived as already stated in Orange County NC and he removed to Edgefield lived there until the month of November or December 1782 when he removed to Edgefield District South Carolina and lived there three years or thereabout, and then moved to Augusta Georgia and remained there about nine months and then removed to Burke County Georgia, and lived there about three years, thence he removed to Green now Hancock County Georgia, lived there about 22 years thence to Jones County Georgia lived there until December 1822 when he removed to Monroe County where he now lives -- has already stated how he served -- has stated about the officers -- has two discharges which are appended, he had one other which he got from the horse company as Ensign of the horse which he traded off for a trifle after the war, as it entitled claimant to some claim on the State -- he believes that any of his neighbors will testify as to his character for veracity, and also to their belief of his having been a revolutionary soldier -- he hereby relinquishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present, and declares that his name is not on the pension roll of the agency of any State.
Sworn to and subscribed the day and year aforesaid S/ Matthew Durham
S/ C. B. Strong, JP
[Robert McGinty, a clergyman, and James P. Redding gave the standard supporting affidavit.]

Camp at Camden August 22, 1781
This may Certify that Captain Matthew Durham from the County of Orange being a
supernumerary Officer and Colonel Wootten's Regiment from the District of Hillsborough is hereby permitted to return home without any Molestation. Given under my hand
S/ Thos. Farmer, Col.

We the Subscribers do say of our Oaths that one Mear [mare] the property of Mathew Darham Taken by a party of Tories whilst in publick Service, also on Saddle and Bridle at the Said time apreased [appraised] to Twenty Seven pounds Specie. Sworn to this 28th of May 1782.
Test: S/ Thomas Durham
S/ John Steel, JP S/ Stark Stroud [could be Mark Stroud or Hank Stroud]

Mathew Durham Came in made Oath the within Mantin'd [mentioned?] Mare was taken and he Never had the said Mare or any Satisfastion for her Sworn to May 28th 1782
S/ Wm McCauley, JP

May 7[?] 1779
Mathew Derham north Carlina
as a drafted [?] Solger [soldier] from oring [Orange] County
To the Aid of South Carlina having Sarved [served] his Tower of Duty
As a good and fathfull [faithful] Solder [soldier] Is now Discharged from the Sarves [service] from under my hand
S/ Joseph Young Capt
S/ James Sanders, Col

State of Georgia County of Monroe
Personally appeared before me the undersigned a justice of the peace for said County Matthew Durham who being duly sworn deposeth and saith, that by reason of old age and consequent loss of memory he cannot swear positively to the precise length of his service but according to the best of his recollection, he served not less than the periods mentioned below and in the following grades: For five months and twenty-three days he served as a private soldier. For ten days to the best of his claimant's recollection I served as first Lieutenant in making a draft in attempting to join the American Army under Generals Butler & Greene: and I further served as first Lieutenant twelve days under Captain Watson till the American Army arrived at Salisbury about the 22nd of July at which time and place I took the command (after Captain Watson was proven to be a regular soldier) of the company by being the senior officer in the company -- and served as Captain until discharged which took place 22nd of August 1781 also at which time Colonel farmer took the command of the Regiment in the place of Colonel Wootten who likewise being a supernumerary returned home.

After returning home I served one month and a half the first tour and three months the second tour in Captain Douglass's troop of horse as Ensign and further I served as Ensign in the North Carolina State troops for four months, making eight months and a half I served as Ensign; For which service I claim a pension. In answer to the seventh Interrogatories prescribed by the War department claimant Gibbs the names of Anderson Baldwin Collier Foster and August M D King and also the names of Reverend Robert McGinty and James P. Redding who have already depose to claimant's character and his being reputed as a soldier of the revolution: -- Claimant further on oath saith that he is of opinion that he never received any commission from the Governor of North Carolina; -- the situation of the country would not admit of there being distributed and in fact claimant states on the best of his recollection that a part of the time for which he served the Governor (Burke) himself was a prisoner and that for some time the regular civil authorities of that government were suspended he is certain that he's served and commanded in those graves and to the best of his recollection and memory the length of time above mentioned and remembers nothing about any written commission.
Sworn to and subscribed before me the 30th day of October 1833
S/ Matthew Durham
S/ Thomas Dyson, JP

[On June 5, 1850 in Talbot County, Georgia, S. W. Durham signed a paper authorizing an attorney in Washington City to "examine my father's Declaration" and stating that "my father Matthew Durham made out his papers in Monroe County."]

[Veteran was pensioned at the rate of $68.98 per annum]

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Descendants List
Member: Annie Crenshaw Simmonds Nat'l #: 314511 Ancestor #: A035348
1. William Thomas Crenshaw born on 7 - Apr - 1847 at _______________ died at _______________ on 8 - Aug - 1901 and his ( 1st ) wife Ann Carothers born on 27 - Feb - 1849 at _______________ died at _______________ on 21 - Sep - 1880 married on 22 - Oct - 1867

2. The Said Ann Carothers was the child of Robert James Carothers born on 15 - Dec - 1821 at _______________ died at _______________ on 2 - Oct - 1903 and his ( 1st ) wife Ann McMillan born on 13 - Aug - 1825 at _______________ died at _______________ on 14 - Mar - 1854 married on - - 1843

3. The Said Robert James Carothers was the child of George Carother born on 14 - Sep - 1759 at _______________ died at _______________ on 22 - Sep - 1861 and his ( 1st ) wife Susan Durham born on 21 - Apr - 1787 at _______________ died at _______________ on 17 - Jun - 1867 married on - -

4. The Said Susan Durham was the child of Mathew Durham born on 16 - Jan - 1760 at _______________ died at _______________ on 3 - Jan - 1834 and his ( 1st ) wife Fannie Spencer born on 15 - Jun - 1765 at _______________ died at _______________ on 26 - Mar - 1831 married on 2 - Jan - 1780

Associated Ancestor (Revolutionary) Record
Ancestor #: A035348
Death: 1-3-1834 MONROE CO GEORGIA

Pension Number: *S32224
Service Source: *S32224
Service Description:

Matthew DURHAM and Frances "Fannie" Elizabeth SPENCER were married on 12 Jan 1784 in Edgefield District, South Carolina.3 Frances "Fannie" Elizabeth SPENCER was born on 15 Jun 1765 in Edgefield District, South Carolina.3 She died on 26 Mar 1831 in Monroe County, Georgia. Matthew DURHAM and Frances "Fannie" Elizabeth SPENCER had the following children:






Rev. Sanders Walker DURHAM.



Shelman DURHAM.